Bug Fixes & English Menu

Hello everybody! In these days Deep Inside has received so much love I'm still blushing in this moment ;\\\\;
Seeing the letsplays in these days helped me spotting some nasty bugs!
Here's the list of what changed:

0. Finally an ENGLISH Menu and Options! 

1. I disabled the possibility to send more invitations to the tearoom. That possibility opened and embarassing chain on bugs, like the ghost appearing on DAY ONE and killing you on the spot, being locked forever alone in the tearoom and buggingt the music of the apparition scenes with a whimsical tune. 

2. I specified to click X to close the images in the descriptions

3. You can't kill yourself in the bonus room anymore (yeah.)

4. When you cross the garden you won't hear the door sound anymore

5. Teatime music won't extend over other rooms, hopefully

6. Now to have the lover's portrait you need both sketches. Having just the second one won't automatically complete the sketch this time.

7. The old version of the game is no longer downloadable. Of course if you're against this decision and you want it to be brought back up don't be afraid of speaking, let me know and it'll be back again!

8. You can't bug yourself under the shack anymore

I have noted down some other fixes to do in the next days, but these ones were game breaking and so more important atm. Those will aim towards blocking entirely teatimes at night, not being able to mess with Gareth's stuff when he's in your presence, etc. But I'm working on a new game too uwu


Deep Inside (Windows) 414 MB
Jun 11, 2021
Deep Inside (Mac) 521 MB
Jun 11, 2021
Deep Inside (Linux) 421 MB
Jun 11, 2021

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