A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Nobody talks about the fire incident at Estmour mansion. As the new servant, you're bound to keep silence. Things take a strange turn when you find a message from your pyromaniac predecessor... deep inside, there's a truth to uncover.


An old fashioned RPG Horror Game. 
Made in a month for two different jams!
You should be +16 to play it due to uncomfortable themes.

Male Protagonist
3 Alternative Endings
Extra Dialogue Feature
& Full Walkthrough


NEWS! The long awaited big graphic update has arrived, so updates will focus on that!
The old version is discontinued, but still visible on letsplays and downloadable on request.


Deep Inside (Windows) 414 MB
Deep Inside (Mac) 521 MB
Deep Inside (Linux) 421 MB
Walkthrough 6 kB

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This game was just wow, the story line, the plot twists, the characters they were all amazing and I even cried when I saw Zakhari SPOILER dead I just couldn't believe it like wow what a twist. I enjoyed this game a lot i'm looking forward to see you making more games if you still make them :]

Thank you for your kind words, Andrew >\\\< I'm happy to hear you liked my game! (And the plot twist too)
I'm still making games, I'm currently developing another RPG horror :) though I don't know how to make blog posts here, so I'm updating news on twitter @BanyaLaplace


It's been a long time since I've played a well-built and fun game like this. You can see the investment and thinking that went into the game developing. I only wish it was longer): ♥


Thank you for your kind words, Pooshx! >\\\<
I'm glad you liked the game!

how to play on linux which file should i execute ?

I'm sorry for the late reply! TwT
It should be the file named "Game", but some users reported that it doesn't show up sometimes... aside from downloading it again, the other solution is running the PC version on Linux Wine.
I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help TwT I'm still trying to fix this

hello, when will the spanish?

Hello senpai! A Spanish translation is currently in progress by Bandoringsub, if it's ok I can write to you when it's finished :) 

Yes! I would love to, I will be waiting for your message. :)


This was a really good game. Now there were a few small issues with the game crashing a few times and when running to the balcony at the end the game starts lagging really bad but overall I really enjoyed it. I ended up collecting all 15 coins and seeing the bonus room too which was fun. 

Hi Luke! Thank you for playing Deep Inside, I'm glad you enjoyed it >\\\< 
Not many make it into the bonus room, thank you for taking your time for that too!
Lately I've been reported crashing issues, it happened only with this late update I think, may I ask if an error message\code showed up when crashing? So I can try and fix this ;w; 

From my experience no error message showed for me. what would happen would be that I would be playing the game and then all of a sudden the game would freeze. My first experience with this was when I was listening to the phonograph, I could still hear the games sounds but the text froze and wouldn't continue, this also happened to me after I exited the room where Zakhari was and when it was time for the cutscene the whole screen went black. I could still hear the sounds of when I try to access the menu but the game wouldn't actually respond and none of the buttons would work. If I quit off the game and then load back to my save the game usually worked the second time though. Actually on one instance I believe I had a error message saying unknown error but the other times the game kind of just froze. Sorry I couldn't help with the crashing issue more.

The game is really good so far but it won't let me save and when I click certain things it crashes and says there was an unknown error

Sorry for the late reply, Linhishot! This is kind of odd, which version of the game are you running? I suspect it's a javascript error (usually fixed by updating java), if you please could quote me the code next to the error I can try to solve it ;w; 


I just can't find the words to describe the rollercoaster of emotions that I felt during the whole time I was playing! I don't know where to start with, the characters were easily distinguished since they each had a different personality and designs that were really memorable and made have a big liking to all of them ;; The story was SOOO GOOD at first the whole thing gives you an impression of what happened in the fire. But when you discover the truth it feels really satisfactory somehow, everything made sense once you made your progress to get it. I just loved this overall and it got a really big place in my Favorite RPGS of all time.

I got the opportunity to be able to get the 3 endings without having to look at all the progress I made so it was nice to know that those 4 hours of gameplay were worth it, however, I want to ask where the last silver coin was. I got the three endings but I only found 14 silver coins and I really wanted to unlock the bonus room since i scrolled trough the comments and I got hyped when i saw that there were details about the game and some words from the people who made it possible! It's ok if you don't answer tbh, I just want you guys to know that you made an awesome job making this game, I look very forward to your future projects<33

Also! If it's not too much of a bother, I would like to know about the characters! the tea times that I had with everyone each day were really fun and it felt like they were getting more 'deepness' and not just being characters to talk to, I already  read the thread where you and another user talked about Aiden, it was really interesting and i loved to see the protag getting the fun facts that he deserved. In my case i got really interested in Sasha and Hilda, they got bits of their backstories mentioned but since they were just interactions we never really got to see the whole process, they just really didn't deserve what happened to the both of them, at all. I got a bit schocked when i was their deaths but just really sad to the fact that they had to commit suicide at the end :'(( 

Sasha being the protective older brother and Hilda being the bubbly younger sister, a really wholesome combination that we didn't get to experience very well. The way that Sasha went through a lot of stuff due to being the older brother and putting up with everything Hilda did, but not blaming her for it because she was still his sister and pulled trough it together was just <//////33 I just wished that they got better luck and maybe had a good life together, love them both so much aaa;;;;;;;;

Hello Fetus! Thank you for your kind comment ;\\\\; it made my day!
I never thought my game would be one of the favorite games of someone, I'm so happy rn ;\\\\;

Since I'm thinking of expanding the tearooms and some scenes in the game (the input started from that Aidan question) what would you like (in specific) to know about the characters? And yes, Hilda and Sasha were unlucky in the ending, I'm thinking of a way to save them without altering the true ending too! If they managed to escape I think Hilda would spoil Aidan rotten and Sasha would be more grumpy than ever about this eheh! Thank you so much for playing my game, again ;\\\\;

As for the silver coins this is the list of all the locations:
#01 GF, Ground Floor: cabinet next to the stairs
#02 GF, Kitchen: right side of the pile of sacks
#03 GF, Your Room: check the plant
#04 1F, Library: under the table in the upper left corner
#05 1F, Gareth's Room: in the dresser on the right
#06 1F, Bathroom: check the plants
#07 1F, Mirror Room: check the skull on the table
#08 2F, Piano Room: crack in the wall
#09 2F, Gramophone Room: in the drawers, next to the bookcase
#10 2F, Old Bedroom: the left cabinet
#11 2F, Gareth's Atelier: check the mirror
#12 3F, Painting Room: check the crack on the wall
#13 3F, Upper Room: in the bookcase
#14 3F, Storeroom: rip the fluff out of the Teddy Bear
#15 Outside, Shack: check the furnace

I'm having a lot of trouble opening the file. It comes up as a RAR file on my pc and I'm not sure how to open it because it always opens with Internet Explorer or some random mp3 player or writing applcation and I'm just having a lot of trouble. If someone could walk me through or explain how they got it open please let me know! Thank you.

I'm having the same problem. :( Is it a problem with Windows?

Yeah, I use windows


Hello Stool! The rar format is a compressed folder, to open it you need a programme like 7zip or Winrar :) I suggest Winrar, it's free and it's useful for many other things too. Let me know if it works 

@phantomstarlight same, I hope this helps! Let me know if it works


Thank you very much for the help!


You're welcome! :)

(1 edit) (+1)

I just finished playing literally less than thirty minutes ago and had to make an account just to comment here. This game bumped itself onto my top five most beloved games. Wow. I loved it. All of it. The setting is so good and interesting, absolutely adore how the ambiance is set and the art itself as well as the pained artist themes... and first and foremost, the puzzle trail aspect!! Thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the entire experience.  Thank you so much for this game. Two things I want to point out that I loved the most which may be a bit niche among all I mentioned are the detail of the hand being too stiff in the you-know-what-scene (I don't want to cause an accidental spoiler), I think this is the first game I play that took into account the. well. state of a corpse and even put sound effect which was Very Pleasing; and then the comment on poison in the exposition room, and also the tea time events! And of course the comments on the reasoning behind their names... Can't put to words the excitement I got when Zakhari introduced himself.  Oh and the little bits of literature at the library... which made me wonder if they were hinting at something from so early on... The story itself is fascinating also I will be thinking about this game non stop for longer than a week. Just, wow. That was amazing. I can't say I encountered any bugs to mention them here so! that is all!! Again thank you for the time spent in this piece, I find it astonishing on all levels of the experience. Apologies for the long-and-maybe-nonsense comment, the ranting had to go somewhere </3 (In the haste I forgot to mention about the endings. I loved the option for variety in Aidan's reactions and reasoning as well as the CGs involved in each one... I'm not a chase scene fan but I did spend a good time of the gameplay on my toes wondering when it would come, considering the holes and cracks on the floor... very cool I really liked that part as well!)


Hi Undaeumbra! I apologize for the late reply, but I could get back to my PC only today and I wanted to be able to write a long reply ;w;
I'm a shy person and I still don't think I've put into words my thoughts the way I wanted, but I'm honored of your comment ;\\\;
I read your comment when I was with guests and you have no idea of how much it made me happy. They noticed I was blushing for apparently no reason after looking at the phone (I was on itchio) lol! Thank you for playing my game and also registering on itchio to let me know your thoughts! I see rarely players spending time in the library on the tearoom, from your comment I see you took in account everything and caught also my hints... from the cracks in the floor to the suspicious naming of the characters, I feel understood and at the same time honored you were so attentive to the details ;\\\; 
(It's exactly how I wanted the game to be played, I mean, the little hints leading to the plot twists! The library was intentional because:
Bluebeard > corpse of lover hidden in the house
Othello > irrational murder of lover for jealousy
Ignem Magnum Imperium > Nero starting a fire and blaming the victim
The fall of the house of Usher > house collapsing after the reveal of a forbidden love
The biblical quotation > judgement day)
And I'm glad you liked Zakhari too! About the hand, I was going to draw a CG of that but I thought I'd gross out the player too much *cough* 
Thank you again for the time you dedicated to Deep Inside and for your comment, I'm really glad to have had you play my little game ;\\\; 

Oh no, it seems I was just as late to read your reply... My apologies...

First of all, I'm very glad to hear my rant-comment was well received! 

I hope it's not inconvenient of me to reply again but--my god, we could have had a CG for that scene. Now I'm going to have to  sit down and process the countless possibilities for that, I would love to know if you had any in mind for it? I'm sincerely still reveling in the CG for Zakhari during those last moments of the story... Not only did it take me off guard initially but it also leaves such a pleasant impact and fits perfectly... Remembering it now makes me want to play it again...!!!  I cannot stress enough how much I love the entirety of this game. 

And! Yes! Every detail was incredible I can barely keep myself from replaying it so I can go again through the trail... If it were not because I'm busy I definitely would but I suppose the memories will do for now. Something that came to mind about them while thinking further on it is how the puzzles were mostly concerned with things that one could not only indeed find at an old elegant manor but also how it aids to the immersion in the way they all interact with the rest of the aspects... I apologize that the explanation sounds a bit odd... The entire place is really just one house and an adjacent small building to explore but it captures that essence of never ending rooms and space so well that one can almost hear the low echo when walking through...

I'm also glad to hear I caught most of if not all the clues!!! I adore puzzles and also eerie manors and also eerie manors with puzzles and especially when there are literary references involved. Initially I didn't intend to scourge through everything on the very first playthrough but when I found a coin randomly, I had to. And actually the library was one of my favorite places... I'm quite certain I interacted with the books there multiple times while exploring as well... It gave some food for thought about the plot as it advanced and Gareth's character as well... He seemed very interesting from the first apparition and, I realize that against your intention, I decided to give him more thought since Zakhari's comment... It was truly curiosity inducing, so Gareth was also the first character I invited to the tearoom, and laughed for a good minute at his reaction LOL I really enjoyed the tearoom feature, it's the first time I've seen it implemented and I'm fascinated especially that there are even variations depending on...ahem...inventory. (Also, this isn't exactly relevant, but one thing that truly did add suspense and caught me off guard was that the toys--and especially the teddy bear--in that one room did not attack Aidan. Or maybe they do but the way I played didn't cause them to...? The teddy bear at the Witch's House game left some memories there lolol. The whole time I was expecting it to start chasing but I wanted to approach either way in case there were a coin...) I'm honestly baffled that the only thing I missed (until the exposition room) was the cookies in the inventory (are they interactable? I'm not even sure) because at the moment I was focused on looking for Zakhari and forgot I even had them... Oh, and that is another thing I realized afterwards, how he isn't around as much while the others are with the exception of the tea party... very subtle, I loved that. 

And, lastly, thank you so much again for creating it and sharing it as well! I cannot imagine my brain-space without the memories of this game and I am eternally glad for it. I also meant to check out the piece of media referenced in the exposition room since I was very curious but I forgot the name and have yet to do so...!! so I need to re-open the game and definitely not fall into playing through again. (he said, most certainly intending to play again as soon as possible.)  

My apologies once more for the long comment, I seem to be unable of putting halt to all the thoughts this fascinating game caused... 

(On a very small last note, I cannot properly express into words how much I love the idea that there could have been a CG for that scene. Ah but I don't mean to say that it's disappointing that there isn't, nothing like that, I'm just eternally glad to know of the idea because personally and, pardon the oxymoron, in my most subjective and biased opinion, I adore that kind of thing and even more to see others having those ideas as well! I'm not sure if I've seen any posts on plans for or other content itself by you since I uh, might have forgotten to check last time I opened the page, but will also be looking forward to that!!!)

(1 edit)

I'm stuck after playing for 50 mins. I already used the gramophone but I couldn't do anything beyond that. Help, please. It's a nice game, with some grammar errors at the beginning (I wish can do something about that).

Edit: Nevermind, I figured out I needed a rope. Plus, I think I broke the game because there's a 3rd choice at the end (I played the game again, at first there are just 2 choices). I forgot to take a screenshot sorry.

Hi Burntsteak, thank you for playing Deep Inside! 
I'm glad you could finish the game without aid in the end, as for the endings it shouldn't be a bug: only one ending is supposed to be achieved by only playing the game, the other two won't show up unless you find certain objects or complete a certain interaction :)

As for the grammar errors... English is not my mothertongue, so I'd really appreciate help ;\\\\;
If you could point me the wrong sentences I can correct them! (Except Zakhari, his odd wording is intentional)


Oh, so it works like that? Well, I'm very sure the 3rd ending triggered because I collected 15... ahh I don't wanna spoil it but at first, I didn't manage to get 15, so maybe that's why I didn't get 3rd ending. 

And when I clicked the 3rd ending, the game crashes.


Here are some errors I found: Extimated->Estimated, desrepair->disrepair, and I don't understand this sentence, "...explain to you your mansions." Maybe you meant, "...tell you more about the mansion." or "...show to you your room." or something like that. Chimney->Fireplace, "...to no avail."->"...but to no avail"

Thank you for pointing out the typos! It's a lot helpful to me >\\\< (mansion is a false friend in my mothertongue, I wanted to mean duty oh no x°°)

But about the crash, it happened immediatly when you clicked the option or after the game forces you to save? I'm looking at the event to fix this ;w;


Yes, and sorry for not replying. I don't check my emails that often. But yes, it happens immediately (crashed)after I clicked the 3rd option.

Sorry for the late reply ;w; the message got somewhat buried in the notifications.
Btw I tried it and I can't trigger the error, I think I missed something. Does a code\text of error appear? Which items do you have in the inventory? (So I can collect them and try the same route as yours to trigger the error) Again, thank you for your patience ;w; 


This game was such an enjoyable expirience! I want to know a bit more about Aiden though, about his past specifically. Even if it's the boring one I waaaaaaant to hear it!

I loved the graphics, it looks really beautiful! The process of the game was really comfortable and I liked playing it. Want to note that contrary to your intention Zachari was the only character whom I trusted from the begining till the end. And Gareth was the character I never trusted, not in the slightest. He has this suspicious atmosphere around him X)

Thank you for creating this game! I was really glad that I played it


By the way you wrote the comment on Zakhari I sense you read my lines in the bonus room ;\\\\; thank you for playing Deep Inside and for taking your time to write this comment! Not many make it to the bonus room, even less don't flee after my exposition dump in the room lol!
As for the info on Aidan I think, from your comment, I should add more in the next update so since we're on the subject I wanted to ask you  an advice: what would you like to know or see about him? 
(And... is Gareth way too suspicious? xD)

The art was a combined effort of Gholless (the chara portraits), Aki Kurosai (painting and title screen) and me (all the jumpscares lol and the overworld sprites on a base from Kicked-in-teeth), the game wouldn't look so good without them! If you're curious I also listed in the credits their social media pages, as well as the artist of the tilesets :)

Thank you again for your kind words, Ali!


Ehehe, yep I read them all~ Bonus rooms is my favourite part of every game! I really love getting to them and learning about author's thought process during development and all other things author is willing to share.  I read even the book with name meanings, though it wasn't as interesting as your lines X) Also really loved that you put all this artworks in the bonus room. Thanks to that I found so many great artists~

Oh, hmmmm, let me think for a bit. I think I am interested in his family a bit. Does he have one? Does he have any siblings? Were there some fun moments that he shared with his family and loves to remember? Something like "one day my little brother poured a cup of salt into my mother's coffee and blamed that on me" but a bit more interesting.  Also I wonder where he worked before he came to the mansion? Did he love his work? Maybe there were awkward, fun or unpleasant things about his previous places of work that he remembers and willing to talk about? And I am interested in his hobbies too. Does he have any? I remember he likes paintings and likes them VERY much. I wonder does he visit exhibitions often? Or collect different paintings (or their copies) and hangs them in his room? Maybe he tried to paint something himself? Did it turn out well or did he get disappointed in his drawing skills and decided not to draw ever again? 

That's the things I am mostly interested in about Aiden. Of course it's up to you to use them in update or no~

Yeah, he is VERY suspicious X) For me it was a goot thing though, because after teatimes with him I got conflicted. He was sort of charming but at the same time suspicious so I was torn between "well he is sort of attractive so maybe I shouldn't be so crucial to him" and "he seems like maniac sometimes".

Oh! Then I think I need to see the credits again and visit their pages! You're welcome~ Thank you for this wonderful game ~


Thank you for your kind words, Ali ;\\\\;
I'm glad my blabbering in the bonus room was entertaining! I would have said more about the house, but it would reveal the location and that's private property now... and also I have more artworks, but not all the artists gave me explicit permission to show them in the game ;w;
(I can send the deviantart gallery link though, ssshh)

Your points are valid! I'm thinking about a way to incorporate them in the game!
Since Aidan can't have a teatime with himself (lol) I should bring them up in another way. 
For the moment I can say he lived with an aunt (the Mrs Courtenay Gareth was referring to in the first scene), the fact he got sent with a reccomendation letter to work as a servant in the house was something common in the years the story is set in. At one point in developing I wanted Aidan to choose one of the paintings with Gareth and having that hung on the wall of his room, I should make this real now I think xD
As for the art, I didn't think about him trying to paint but it would be cool! He's kinda well versed in literature though, he recognizes most of the books in Gareth's library :) 

"well he is sort of attractive so maybe I shouldn't be so crucial to him"  <--- this makes me really happy, it's exactly what I wanted to convey about him!

Thank you again for your comment ;\\\\;


hiiii! I'm loving the game but i'm stuck- i choose the ending where you leave the master and you have a timer, i think to escape, but i alsways dieee. Pls send help ;w;


Hi Imouto!Yes, you have to run before the house collapses! The fastest escape route is go downstairs from floor 3, then through the passage in the mirror and straight into Gareth's room at floor 2, the escape point is the balcony :) let me know how it goes!


i cant describe the pure joy i felt while playing this i loved it so much

Awww >\\\< this makes me happy too!
Thank you for playing my game!


the linux version didnt work

Other users reported this too, I'm sorry this happened ;w; it looks like it doesn't work on all systems...
I'm asking around for help to fix this, I'll update you soon hopefully ;w;

 windows version work ?
and did toy use rpg maker ? what version of rpg maker you use it ? 

Windows version works fine :)
I made it with an old version of Rpg Maker MV

ok well i will try to run windows ver with wine but idk if it work or not
i hope you will fix linux ver soon

I think it'd require a machine to simulate windows in that case ;w;
I hope I'll be able to fix it soon though, I'm sorry you have to emulate a system just to play it ;__;

at this point i cant do this no more.. i didnt want to like yknow,,, do that in the ending :

Sorry for the late reply ;w;
I think I know which ending you got *cough* but in case you need help I'm here!


I thought this game would be like a generic horror game but its not. This game was very unsettling with how the other staff look at you and the twist with zakhari. This game was great and it also give you choices which creates branches in the story which is something I love. Loved it / 10


Hi Allekid! Thank you so much for your kind words and the time you dedicated to my game >\\\<
Seeing you made a letsplay was a really pleasant surprise, I feel so excited! But especially I'm so glad my game stands out a little...
Btw I saw you got one of the endings, what did you think of it? Did you see the other two aswell? 
Thank you again >\\\<

PS: I shared the letsplay on Twitter, I hope it's okay!


The ending I picked was interesting because it was subverting expectations from what was set up throughout the game about the master and Zakhari. And yes! I did check the other endings out and they were great too! I also don't mind you sharing my video on twitter. I hope you continue making more games! :D


Thank you >\\\<
I'm making another game rn, I hope I'll be able to release it by the end of summer x3


That was amazing! I played it in one sitting. Hope to see more works from you soon! :D <3


Thank you, CrashArcane! And sorry for the late reply ;w;
I'm glad you enjoyed it, thank you for playing the game! And yes, I'm making another one, I hope I'll be able to release it by the end of summer :)


First of all, I don't regret that pun. Now we're even after that Hilda pun in our IG messages.

Secondly, as you know, I went through the walkthrough as I recorded this episode as I explain in the description. Also I got one ending and I'm probably not going to get the other two in videos (hey, one more reason for viewers to check out the game themselves, am I right? ;)

Seriously, thank you for creating this game. I believe I can put it up there with my most favorite undiscovered RPGMaker games of all time, and I'm glad we were able to talk a quite a bit over it! You're a lovely person and I'm glad that I met you!


Puns are the way straight to a friendship's heart for me <3
I'm so honored you played my game and streamed it, but even more so I'm glad we started talking. You're an amazing streamer and I hope you'll get more subs, I'll be supporting you from now on u\\\u
And as I already told you I've already melted while reading your comment, thank you so much for playing Deep Inside and sharing your impressions with me >\\\<

(1 edit) (+2)

Really loved the game! The characters were fun and the story was really interesting the whole way through.
The twist was really cool even if it made me a little sad for the best boy :( One question, though: why does Sasha say "Enemy spotted" every time I talk to him? lol
I'll be looking forward to your next game, because this is probably my favorite rpgmaker game I've played in a while! Good luck and best wishes :)

P.S. Thank you so much for adding a walkthrough because I accidentally missed one of those coins and almost cried thinking I'd have to investigate every object over again. Not enough people add walkthroughs to their games lol


Hi LeBrendle, thank you so much for playing the game and rating it >\\\<
I'm glad you enjoyed it and also that you consider Zakhari best boi (I'm happy a character of mine is in such high regard ;\\\\;)
I started teasing some screens of the new game on twitter if you want to have a peek, it's a public profile so you don't have necessarily to join twitter to see *cough*
As for Sasha, I found it was in line with his evident distrust with Aidan but sometimes I have some odd SFX choices xD
(Somebody pointed out the screaming chunk of wood too lol)

So you visited the bonus room too >\\\< 
Thank you again for dedicating time to my little game!


This is my first video on the game and I must say, it got me pretty intrigued to find out what the hell is going on. I'll be sure to drop a second part very soon.

This was such a beautiful surprise ;\\\\;
Thank you so much, Houssem! I'm glad you're taking time to play my game and record it too. I saw you're scanning every corner of the house! I wonder if you already caught on the truth behind the fire, I'm curious to know ehe! I love the title of the video too!

PS: I shared it on twitter after subbing to your channel, I hope it's okay!


Hey, I'm really glad I made you happy, it warms my heart. And yeah, RPGs force you to do that, plus I'm that kind of person anyways, always unsure if I missed something or not. I'll be honest, I'm not the best at connecting the dots in the narrative of games, sometimes you even have to spell it out for me hehe. But something does smell fishy here, I don't know what it is but I do smell it. And yeah, I'm just clever like that with the title.

Of course I don't mind! That's very thoughtful of you! Thank you!


There's definetly something wrong in the house, yeah *giggle*
I can't tell much without spoiling at the moment, but I'm not sure how subtle or direct the mistery is... as the dev everything to me is already known of course, so watching other people play is always a surprise x3
The title is such a mood, the arsonist of the game approves it!


Loved that twist. *Insert character here* was already my favorite before I knew it all! Great, fun game.


Oh you must be talking about Gareth... J\K, I'm really glad you liked *insert character who is not Gareth* before and after the twist >w<
Thank you for playing and rating my game, Castfire >\\\<

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Hi its me again! i just wanna say the endings are amazing! and the characters are soooo fancy and pretty (sasha ',:)))) ) i really appreciate the game! thank you so much for the good game! (and im this close on bawling my eyes eeep TwT) it was good in general the plot is nice and the idea of the game is very creative! (thats what dragged me here lol) and the fact that i didnt actually know that zakhari was gareth's lover made me want to play the game 100000000000000000 times

would be playing more of your games! <3 <3


Oh my >\\\< honestly I didn't know how to react at first, I'm not used to such entusiatic comments!
But I'm so happy to know that you enjoyed the game to the point you would replay it again and again! And, of course, thank you for dedicating time for my little game too! I'm making another one, I'll tease it soon on twitter and here >\\\<
As for Zakhari and Gareth... I guess playing with the knowledge of the secret would shed more light on some lines by those two, and the letters xD

(1 edit) (+1)

aww thank you so much for replying! <3 ofc ur game is so good! and im currently waiting for your new game hehe >w< and may i ask whats ur twitter user? so i can get some updates  👀


Hi! Sorry for the late reply, it only showed now the edit ;\\\\;
As for my twitter account, it's @Banya45135941 >w<

wheres the gramaphone and whats the planks forrrrrrr wat am i supposed to do next? pls helppppppppp

Hello! The gramophone is in the room on the 2nd floor that has holes in front of it, if you place the planks on the two tiles in front of the door you can cross the floor and reach it :) after that you'll get to play the record and to obtain a rope that will be useful in the shack..
Let me know if you need any help and sorry for being late!

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wait the old room of gareth ?the burnt floor?  and i still no have lamp. and i been going around in manor for 15 minutes and its still same :( 

(sorry about my english im using a translator)

His old room is the bedroom on the second floor, the burnt floors are floor 2 and 3 :)
As for the lamp if you already have the rope go the shack in the garden and look for a loose tile, you will descend into a basement and you will find the lamp to explore the 3rd floor of the house

hello thank you for responding :))

do you mean the lock room in 2nd floor? I still don't have a key for the locked room, do you know where I can find it? and i opened the loose tile in the warehouse but I still don't have rope so it just kill me whenever I go down the trapdoor.  Sorry I'm just very clueless about what's going on ;o;' its a good game though!

thank you :-))

You're welcome! And don't worry, any feedback is a good learning experience for me, so I can smooth the game further x3
Not the locked room, Gareth's bedroom is the one on the left-lower corner, next to the passage you enter the second floor :)
As for the room with the planks, place them on the two spots in fron of the door and enter it, on one of the purple clothed furniture there's the rope. Grab it and then you can automatically descend the trapdoor in the shack :)
(If you descend without the rope you will fall and die)


Hello banya! love the cute wonderful game! very enjoyable and bubbly :D but im having slight problems not so long ago, so i went to the tea party room and theres nobody in it but me (i threw a party but i saw in my inventory and pressed it) .so i tried to leave and pressed "yes" but nothing is happening i saved it because i forgot to save the other progress i made  T.T then closed the game and turned it back on. when i went back in and im still having the same problems :(( it still wont let me out of the room. is there any way to fix this because i dont want to start my journey all over again (and im near the end :"] ) or do i have no choice but to restart it? please help meee :CC

Any answer would be much appreciated, thank you!  <33


Hi Unluckylylucki! I'm glad you like the game >\\\<
Though I'm afraid you encountered a bug I didn't discover yet ;__; I guess you had more letters of invite and you clicked one before inviting, right? In that case, if you saved in the tearoom, I don't think it's possible to go back... BUT I have backup save files, if you tell me at which stage of the game (or which items you had) I can send you my save file closest to your progress so you don't have to start all over again, it's the least I can do ;w;
(Unfortunately my PC is busted atm and I can't fix the bug right away, but google drive and backups are intact)

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Thank you thank you thank you! I really appreciate the reply a lot <33 i was trying to get the second ending since I finished an ending (The gareth ending was rlly well executed and my emotions oml- >< ) but i was in the part where i had to go outside and its raining then Hilda gave me cookies (i think that's the closest to what i remember) and thank you for the offer i really appreciate it! and i think my items are the warehouse key, note #3, Teatime invite, note #1, Old record, winding key, axe, silver key, library key, note #2, cookies and 10 silver coins.

i really hope im not troubling you too much I'm very sorry if i do :CC

I very much appreciate your replyy ! thank youu I hope there's a huge fandom abt deep inside that would be very exciting! <3 T^T


Oh >\\\\< hearing you liked that handing makes me so happy! I hope you'll like the other ones too!
As for the fandom... it's still a fairly unknown game, reccomending it or spreading the word would be a lot helpful ;w; 
(But hearing that you, and other players, liked it makes me proud regardless of a fanbase >\\\<)

So, the save file! 
Here's the closest I have to yours, just click the link and download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11gQSGQ9EwcAuqvhI195h6DWrzqXf8ALx/view?usp=drive...
It's missing the cookies and one silver coin, you still have to speak to Hilda and use the gramophone, but it should be almost identical x3
(It has also the two items for Sasha and Hilda's bonus teatime)


ahh thank you so much !!! <33333 i dont know what to say T^T thank you so much banya! would love to see your future games! <3 

Hope you have a wonderful day! :DD <3


Thank you >\\\< I wish you the same!
Let me know if the file works and if you need any other help x3
(I'm working on a new game btw! It'll be a while until I release it I think, but I hope to do it in the summer!)


I'm trying to open this game on Mac (Big Sur) and it won't let me for some reason. Whenever I try, it says "You do not have permission to open this file" (even though i own the computer I'm trying to run it on).

Hi Fatasidvsoritvr! I don't have a Mac so I'm not sure it'd work, but I did some research and I saw many apps can give this issue!
Somebody pointed the best solution is this one:
I hope it helps ;__; let me know how it goes, I'll keep researching!

I can't open this game on Mac either, I'm using Mojave (10.14.6). I hope it will work some day so I can play this it looks very good


I am Thai and use the translator to type this. I want to tell you that I really like your game! Even though there are some words that I don't understand But I enjoyed the games you made. I completed all ending and loved true ending so much. Thank you for making great games TT <3


Hi Yamasaki! Thank you for your kind works, I'm so happy you liked my games this much ;\\\\; I'm making another one lately, I think I'll start teasing it soon, I just have to finish the exam session first. Thank you for your support! >w<


Oh, I guess you must be busy dividing your time. Hope you will pass the exam well! And I will look forward to your gameTT💕


This game is so good.. But Im to dumb for this game lol, I keep stuck in somepart of the game.


hi Kakao! I'm glad you like the game so far x3 can I help you? Where are you stuck at?

Thank you for reply, actually I already finish it. thank you for the game!

You're welcome! Thank you for playing it >w<

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Hello, so before saying anything else I want to say that the game is amazing! The art style is so good too :3 I encountered a problem though i dunno if it's a glitch or what but I played the latest windows version of the game. I've finished the other 2 ends and I wanted to get the true end. I looked at the walkthrough and it said that I needed to open the little box to get the second part of the sketch. I assume that the box is the one on the left in the masterpiece room or is it something else? For some reason I can't interact with it no matter what I do. I already tried to redo it in a chronological order but it still won't let me open the box. I really wanted to see the true end pls help :(


Hi Hafhaff! I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed the game this much >\\\<
So, about the little box, are you referring to this one, right? I think it's because you need the Silver Key in your inventory, otherwise it will be impossible to react with... the key is in the library on the 1st floor, check the upper shelves until you find the fairy tale book!
(But if you have the Silver Key and this triggered... could you tell me which items you have in the inventory, please? Never say never ;w;)


Oh my gosh, thanks a lot :D Apparently I haven't gotten the key yet ;w; thanks for replying  have a great day ^o^


You're welcome >w< let me know if you need any help!
Have a nice day too, Hafhaff!

are there jumpscares

Yes, there are two-three of them
(If you're sensible to jumpscares but you want to play the game too I can tell you where they occurr so they won't take you by surprise)


yes please, thank you. i don't really mind spoilers

Np! You have to watch out for these three:
1. when you explore the shack and inspect the water tank, a hand will grab you
2. there's a scene when Zakhari speaks with you at the willows. After that, when you go back home, the moment you step on the door there will be a fullscreen portrait 
3. if you choose the obvious bad ending there will be a chase scene... anytime you get caught, you'll be greeted with a jumpscare


i see, thank you!

You're welcome :)


ooh new version update, I tried the linux version but I cant find the program?

Hi Leon! It seems it's the same problem as the other time ;__;
I started asking around if anyone knows how to resolve the issue, since I wasn't able to do it muself... I'll keep you updated on that!
I'm sorry for the inconvenience ;__;

on the third day (night) "Check the map then, in the room on the right, check the chest for a Hammer." where the hammer is? sorry i can't find it ;_;

Hi Saruza! When you're on the third floor go into the room in front of the stairs: it has just a bookcase, a bed and a chest, you have to click on the chest and you will get the hammer 


ahhh thank you

 it's really a good game and i like the story too <3 

You're welcome! Thank you for playing my game anyway ;\\\; I'm so glad you liked it!

How do I get a lamp?

This game is so hardddddddddddddd

I'm stuck on day twooooooooo

Hi! I'm sorry the game is hard ;__; anyway do you have Note no.3 in the inventory? The lamp is in the shack, but you need the note and the rope for the trapdoor (I made a full tutorial also, it can be helpful maybe)

thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much this really helped

You're welcome! Let me know if you need anything else :)

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I love the hair animation when the Hilda's sprite is walking! It's very cute. Also Hilda's sprite is very cute either!


Enough about Hilda. Overall, I like most of the characters's personality and the walkthrough is really helpful!


Thank you! I did that one, this makes me proud ;\\\\; and knowing that the characters are appreciated too aaaw!
And of course thank you for playing the game, I'm so happy to hear that you liked it!


Hello! There may be something strange with the translator. I am Korean. I was looking for a Korean translation when I found this game, but I was sorry that there was no Korean translation. If you don't mind, can I modify the file and patch it in Korean? I would be very happy if I gave you permission! I look forward to hearing from you every day.


I would be honored to, thank you ;\\\\;you have it of course, if I can publish your translation here too...
Tomorrow I'm launching the big update too, so there will be some more dialogues. I've never done this before though, what files do you need to patch the game? You can find me at osquindinsdeyaya@gmail.com


This game of yours, was amazing i hope to see more of your work in the future. I enjoyed the depth of story you held in the game.



Oh my ;\\\\\; thank you for your kind comment, Gracie!
Tomorrow I'm launching the graphic\bug update for Deep Inside, your comment encouraged me to work hard!
I hope my future games will be fun for you as this one ;\\\\;

Hello! I love the game and have been enjoying it a lot, but I've been stuck at the point where, during night 3, you go to the left room on the third floor. After I go into it, whenever I try to exit, it makes me go back in. I've tried restarting the game, but it still makes me go back into the room!

Hi cvurla, sorry for the late reply! ;w;
If I can till be of any help, which events did occur before entering the room?
(I think I know how this triggered)

hello!! I ended up restarting the game a few times, and it stopped glitching out!!


Amazing game, I really enjoyed it but chasing scene took me a while since it was a little chaotic but still very good game!

Hi zkurpik, thank you so much for playing my game ;\\\\; hearing that you enjoyed it makes me happy!
And... yeah... gotta improve that chase scene, I'm working on it xD


ooo i love how the cover for this game is kinda like in fire, then i also like the characters and how you find out what happened before throughout the game, i love how the characters look in 8-bit so cute and the house seems old also just like how its suposed to look, great work!


Hi GameFan, thank you for your kind comment! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the game >\\\< 
I'm quite worried about the house appearence now, I'm restyling all the graphics (and about to launch the update) so I hope the house look quite as good as before x° 

dont mention it! and dont worry im sure it will look good, am excited to see!

i just recently downloaded the game (windows version) and some of the settings are in another language is there anyway to change it or fix it?

Hi Non_Binary_Bunny! 
I'm sorry, I don't know how to change them yet ;__; the least I can do is translating them for now, here they are:

Nuova Partita > NEW GAME
Continua > CONTINUE
Opzioni > OPTIONS
Oggetto > ITEM
Salva > SAVE
Termina > QUIT

I'm sorry for the inconvenience ;w;

oh okay thank you for the help, i'm sure i'll get used to it as i play the game. At least i know what they all mean now since i was so confused before.

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