Letting the grudge go (A reflection)

TW: talking about Trauma Dumping

I was speaking with another dev, some time ago, about addressing the flaws in our game design. 
After a twitch stream, I've learnt about the term trauma dumping. It's the first time I'm exposed to it and... it's the first time I think about the energy I let out to players because of the bonus room overshare. When I saw the video I thought about the old players of the game, who supported me from the start. 

Back when I first created the game I was being petty, and that's self explanatory. I also hated myself, that's why the character I based off my flaws is the vengeful spirit. I could go on and on about this, but it'd serve no purpose. The point is another: it was irresponsible from me, as a dev, to do a trauma dump on unaware players. It doesn't matter that I didn't intend to harm you or ruin the experience with my long gone grudge. 

So now what? That room has been recorded in videos for three years so it's visible everywhere, and if I remove the 'character inspiration' section from the upcoming versions it will still be present in the re-uploads that are out of my control. I also won't pretend I never did that, as deleting it might come off as me trying to remove any evidence and won't certainly clean my coscience. I'll probably add a trigger warning, while I think of a solution. 

To sum it up: I will be more mindful in next games, I'm sorry.

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Just: 💖💖💖 for you. ^_^


Thank you for understanding, Ashtar! 💖