Twitter & New small fixes

Hi everone! First of all, to be more vocal and advertise the game I decided to open a twitter account. I'm quite scared, I admit it, but here it is: If you follow me in here too I'd really appreciate it, I really need advice and help on how to get started ;w;

Then there was the Improve My Jam, which was a blast! I got 4th place and I collected some helpful feedback to improve the new build! So to all of you who played and rated my game, but especially Synzorasize and Roey_Shap, I wanted to thank you! The only advice I couldn't implement was the addition of the WASD movements, but as soon as I learn how to do it I'll add it! 

So I updated it (from 1.5 to 1.6) and here are the small fixes:
- The plank now works even if you cover only half of the surface to cross
- The old teleporting\door errors should have been all cleared
- Teatimes don't function at night now
- You will definetly killed in the shack now if you don't hide (apparently, you could break the game there)
- Same after the revelations, now the ghost won't appear in two places together (yeah, that was a thing too x°)

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