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Hello! There may be something strange with the translator. I am Korean. I was looking for a Korean translation when I found this game, but I was sorry that there was no Korean translation. If you don't mind, can I modify the file and patch it in Korean? I would be very happy if I gave you permission! I look forward to hearing from you every day.


I would be honored to, thank you ;\\\\;you have it of course, if I can publish your translation here too...
Tomorrow I'm launching the big update too, so there will be some more dialogues. I've never done this before though, what files do you need to patch the game? You can find me at


This game of yours, was amazing i hope to see more of your work in the future. I enjoyed the depth of story you held in the game.



Oh my ;\\\\\; thank you for your kind comment, Gracie!
Tomorrow I'm launching the graphic\bug update for Deep Inside, your comment encouraged me to work hard!
I hope my future games will be fun for you as this one ;\\\\;

Hello! I love the game and have been enjoying it a lot, but I've been stuck at the point where, during night 3, you go to the left room on the third floor. After I go into it, whenever I try to exit, it makes me go back in. I've tried restarting the game, but it still makes me go back into the room!

Hi cvurla, sorry for the late reply! ;w;
If I can till be of any help, which events did occur before entering the room?
(I think I know how this triggered)

hello!! I ended up restarting the game a few times, and it stopped glitching out!!


Amazing game, I really enjoyed it but chasing scene took me a while since it was a little chaotic but still very good game!

Hi zkurpik, thank you so much for playing my game ;\\\\; hearing that you enjoyed it makes me happy!
And... yeah... gotta improve that chase scene, I'm working on it xD


ooo i love how the cover for this game is kinda like in fire, then i also like the characters and how you find out what happened before throughout the game, i love how the characters look in 8-bit so cute and the house seems old also just like how its suposed to look, great work!


Hi GameFan, thank you for your kind comment! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the game >\\\< 
I'm quite worried about the house appearence now, I'm restyling all the graphics (and about to launch the update) so I hope the house look quite as good as before x° 

dont mention it! and dont worry im sure it will look good, am excited to see!

i just recently downloaded the game (windows version) and some of the settings are in another language is there anyway to change it or fix it?

Hi Non_Binary_Bunny! 
I'm sorry, I don't know how to change them yet ;__; the least I can do is translating them for now, here they are:

Nuova Partita > NEW GAME
Continua > CONTINUE
Opzioni > OPTIONS
Oggetto > ITEM
Salva > SAVE
Termina > QUIT

I'm sorry for the inconvenience ;w;

oh okay thank you for the help, i'm sure i'll get used to it as i play the game. At least i know what they all mean now since i was so confused before.


um, I downloaded the linux version but there's no program? because I cant run the windows version via emulator too

Tha's odd ;w; the other Linux users didn't report this... 
I searched on the internet for a solution, I found many suggesting to use Wine because the MV Linux support doesn't always work. It's a hassle to use another program to run a game though, I'll keep on searching ;w;
Here are the links
PS: I still couldn't get to the PC today, but I didn't forget about fixing the build of Dreamquartz. Thank you for your patience and thank you for notifying me of the error >\\\<


maybe they forget? and I did try run the game via wine emulator but it won't run, its a hit and miss in the first place, I can run some games with wine and I cant run some games with wine and unfortunately deep inside is one of those I cant run T.T but its ok, I'll wait till everything fix, just take your time :)d

I think you're right, they probably didn't report it ;__; 
I kept on searching and I found this other solution, it's basically a way to run the game into the browser:
I'm studing how to make this possible myself to release with the new bug fixes update I'm making... it would be useful to have it on the browser since the build didn't work ;w;"

can someone explain to me where the libary is?

Hi Myahee! It's on the first floor (not ground floor) next to the stairs, on the right :)

(1 edit)

Hey I'm still waiting for help and it's been a few hours, just checking in, no pressure! Just kinda worried!! (^^") 

did something happen??? ಥ_ಥ

No no! It was night time on my side xD so where are you in the game? How can I help you?

hold on lemme pull up the game lmao rn I'm setting up my facebook, working on my visual novel, and a bunch of other stuff ಥ_ಥ

Ok so I’ve read the first note and I also did the morning little round up thing, I went into the warehouse to see if I could do anything there and that’s where I got the 2nd note and I saw the hand cutscene


Okie-dokie! Have you found the willow?
Now you can go to the first floor and unlock the library :)
Btw for minor things I set up a walkthrough in the game files or, if it's not accessible, in here

ok thank you!

(1 edit)

Hi (again lol) I got it to work (Yay!) but uh what do I need to do on the first day when I need to do work? I've clicked everywhere ಥ_ಥ (also sorry I'm terrible at puzzle games and that stuff even though I do play a lot of them lol I just am amazingly stupid)

I'm glad it worked *__*

So where are you atm? I mean what was the last thing that happened in the game? (I gtg now but I'll reply as sono as I come back)

well I just got the note in the dirty water and the hand cut scene happened and then I started clicking everywhere I could think of ;w;

I just found out how to read the note (I didn't know that was a thing oops)

(2 edits)

hey so uhm I can't open the windows file its kinda stuck as a .RAR file and it keeps opening to my notepad app on my laptop TTvTT I really want to play this game. I've tried everything I can think of I think I might break something if I continue TTATT (I don't wanna mess up any of my other visual novels ಥ_ಥ)

It can be opened with winrar or 7zip, you mean that even after unzipping it it doesn't work? @@

(I'm looking at a way to fix it too atm, it neve happened to me before ;__;)

thanks sorry for the trouble TTvTT 

So, I found this solution, it's nothing damaging to the computer, maybe it might be useful!
Let me know how it goes ;w;

thanks so much I got it to work! 👍

Hello, i tried to look for the key near the willow tree but the only thing i got was the one stating it had a heart carved on it? or is it a different tree??

Hi Noodleswashere! The tree is the right one, have you gotten Note #1? 
It's in the room of the protagonist, in the hole on the wall among the two beds. Once you get it, go back and check the tree, the key should appear :) 

ohh oki, Thank you!

you're welcome :) let me know of you need any help

Nope! I managed to finish the game. All the ending were super cool and i love the artstyle! (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)

Oooh >\\\< first of all, thank you for playing the game! I'm glad you liked the endings too! May I ask which one did you prefer? 
As for the art, it's mostly merit of Kurosai and Ghoulless (I did the creepy cutscenes lol)


Hiii! First of all, i'm enjoying the game so much! The artstyle is amazing, and i'm getting really invested in the story! Though i got stuck :( I've got the rope and also the note, but i'm not sure where i'm supposed to follow what it says on it. I've tried to go into the mirror where the pg falls, but it automatically gives game over and i can't use the rope. Could you please help me out? I'm looking forward to reach the end of the game, since it's so well done! <3

I'm really glad you're enjoying the game so far >\\\<
So, did you use the rope in the hidden room of the shack? What items do you currently have? I'm asking to check if a weird bug (I didn't discover yet) triggers ;w;"
By the way the mirror room on the left it's a trap, you shouldn't go there, the right passage is the mirror on the right


Its a really good game but i still dont understand the story😭✌

Oh I'm glad you liked it >\\\< thank you for playing my game!
As for the story in the next build I'll expand more on that, I know it's quite confusing ;w;
But basically SPOILER ALERT
The master of the mansion and the servant were lovers, but they were discovered. The master killed the guy and hid him in a locked room, constructing a wall to hide it, then he himself set the mansion on fire to shift the blame on the servant who "vanished". You take his place andfor most of the time talk with the servant's ghost without realizing you're the only one who can see him. He's waiting for somebody to free his spirit by discovering the hidden room :)

ohh ok thank youuuu

Deleted 219 days ago

This game is very good n .n

Thank you, Toto! I'm glad that you liked it, thank you for playing the game too >\\\<


Game is really nice ! I love the characters (hellooo Sacha *wink*) and the art is really cute ! Just kinda sad because I'm bad with chase scenes ahaha ! Good work on this anyway, it was nice ty so much

Aww I'm so happy to hear that you liked the game! Thank you so much for playing it ;\\\;
As for the art it's also Ghoulless' and Kurosai's merit, Ghoulless is the one who drew Sasha's icon in the dialogues eheh uwu
(I'm the one who drew the jumpscares and the cutscenes, lol)

how do i get note 1? i completely forgot, also, i had to restart after a glitch where i was stuck inside the tea time room. when it asked if i wanted to leave, the 'yes' button did absolutely nothing.

Hi Kh_un! The first note is located in your room, check the crack on the wall next to bed :)
As for the glitch I'm sorry it happened to you ;w; may I ask if you entered the tea room before the night scene? I'm checking through the events to fix it (I think I got the problem)

Hello, i tried playing in windows but I can't seem to play it. Everytime I tried to play it, it always shows a black screen and I asked my friend for help she said that I need to download the zip file while the one I downloaded is rar

Hi Liana! I'm sorry this happened ;__;

Rar and Zip files are the same extension mostly, did you manage to unzip the folder? Did you access the exe file? 

Oh, nevermind I tried to download it again and it worked! Sorry to trouble you

No problem! If there are any other problems feel free to contact me :) I hope you enjoy the game!

How do I figure out which willow tree it is?


It's near the shack and has a little flowerbed in front of it (it's the only one who has it), just check the tree itself :)


I fell in love with your art style <3   

Thank you so much >\\\< I'm so glad to hear that!
But it's not all mine, I did the cutscenes and the sprites, but the portraits of the characters are made by Ghoulless and the main title \ the painting is Kurosai's. I have their sites in the credits file, check them for more amazing art x3

it lets me download the walkthrough but idk where to open it, and im stuck on the piano part after you receive the note from the water in the warehouse. Help

Hi! I'm sorry, I saw the message late ;w;
As for the walkthrough if you cannot open it with the Block Notes app, I made a Google Drive document at this link!

About the piano part, which items do you currently have? 
Did the countdown trigger yet? (So I can tell you what to do)


The art style is great and the puzzles are entertaining! I especially enjoyed the overall story.  It was fun trying to figure out what's going on and then feeling the emotions when you reach the end.

Since I'm someone who really tries not to miss anything, I click on everything so I think I may have done some actions before I was meant to but it didn't cause a glitch or anything : ) 

Again, it was really fun !


Thank you so much for playing the game! I'm happy to hear that you like it, it means a lot to me ;\\\;
(And knowing that you didn't encounter bugs made me proud too, for once ;w;)


Hi! This game exceeded my expectations :0 it was such a ride and I wanna thank you all for developing this game! The art is stunning and I enjoyed the gameplay so much that I just had to get all 3 endings :) i dont play much but this thrilled me a lot


Oh my ;\\\\; it's the first time someone writes me something like this, I'm touched! Thank you for playing the game, I'm so happy to hear that you like it ;\\\\; it made my day! 

(1 edit)

the Mac download doesn't seem to be working as it is a .rar document. Is there anything specific I should do to it so it works? ^^

Sorry for being late ;w; you mean the exe doesn't work, right?


Hi again! It's the first time I encounter this error so I researched a bit ;w;
I found this guide step by step, it should work hopefully... it's the post of Jan-03-18 from GarnetX.
I hope it helps ;w; I'll keep searching meanwhile!


Someone... I need a walktrough... I'm stuck at piano and god knows where else I'll be stuck at. I searched Deep Inside walktrough but found none. Pls help this poor soul.

(1 edit) (+2)

Hello! The walkthrough is in the downloads, but there's one included in the game too. 
At which section of the piano are you stuck at? So I can help you :)

EDIT: just saw the other comment, I replied there also but if you get stuck on any other part of the game feel write to write here\to me, don't worry! I'm here to help (and learn)

(2 edits)

Thanks! My first ending is I kill Gareth but hey, now I'm wondering what are the cookies for?

And the other two ending... how am I supposed to took out the fire at the front door?

They're just a gift atm, but in un update I will implement them as a mean to get another ending (that I had to cut due to the time restraint of the Jam) ;w;
As for the fire, you can't put it down but there's another exit in the mirror room, try to escape through that one!
And thank you again for playing x3 many told me they killed Gareth on the first run, I guess he deserved it lol

(2 edits)

Um, so, in leaving Gareth ending, there's no escape way in the mirror room. But the timer did stop. It continues after I exit the mirror room.

And bringing Gareth ending, uh, Zakhael is too fast for me. I made save checkpoint but in the end, I always die even before the screen lighten up fully. 

About the first one, I never encountered this error, I gotta check it ;__; did you enter and exit the room when the timer stopped?
For the second problem I can trace you the paths on the map... I know it isn't gameplay friendly but I think I would help you quicker while working on the new build; Zakhari is always two or three steps behind you, so there is a way to escape. I'm sorry I can't do more atm ;__;
(But I'll make the rooms larger in the next update so the chase won't be so frustrating, all feedback is helpful)


The game is so good, I like it, the artworks are good too, but I just got 1 ending that is The world burning. I read the walkthrough and it said "Talk to Gareth" "Stab him" or "Leave him" to get 2 other endings but I just can't talk to him ._. when I just walked into the room on the right on third floor,  Z already block my way and start to chase me so I just run to the balcony and I don't see any options like stab him or leave him ._. sorry if I'm too stupid


Hi CandyT! Thank you for playing the game, I'm so happy to hear that you liked it! >\\\<
And no, you're not dumb! The endings meet requirements to show up. To get the option to leave Gareth to his destiny you must find the portrait of his lover before you enter the servants' room where he's hiding. To stab him instead you have to retrieve the knife from the corpse in the hidden room, it will do it automatically no matter the choice if you interact with it before leaving the room... let me know if it works :)

Ah okay now I finally got all the endings, the last time I got the knife and the sketch at the same time and I don't have any choices of leaving or stabbing Gareth ._. The game was fun anyway :>

I'm glad it worked and you had fun ;w;
But that is weird, I'll be double checking the last stage and update the game so it shouldn't happen again, thank you for the feedback!


Very nice game! I got all the endings :) Just a quick note, the chase scene is a bit difficult, especially in those small room, but everything else is super cool! (btw i noticed the italian options in the main menu and the cardinal points, are u perhaps italian? cuz i am too :D)


Ooh non pensavo che il gioco arrivasse anche nelle mani di un italiano >\\\< grazie infinite per averlo giocato!
Sono davvero contenta che ti sia piaciuto! Per quanto riguarda la scena dell'inseguimento temo proprio sia così, in questo periodo sto rifacendo alcune delle mappe per allargare le stanze, ne approfitto per testarla di nuovo e renderla meno frustrante!


For me the menu options appear to be in Italian. The in game text is in English though. Is there any way to change the language of the menu to English as well ?


I'm sorry, I still don't know how to ;__;
For the moment I can only translate the menu, I'm sorry I couldn't do more to help:

Nuova Partita = New Game
Continua = Resume
Opzioni = Options
Oggetti = Items
Salva = Save
Termina = Quit

Thanks for that. All in all it is much less of an issue than if the game text were in Italian.


i enjoyed the game and especially the art, im only kinda disappointed that its not really straight-forward: i had to check the walkthrough again and again because i didnt know what to do next.

in the next games try to give some hints maybe :(


Hi Bluekiddo! Thank you for playing the game, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
And thank you for the suggestions too: I'm still learning, so every feedback is precious :) 
What would you consider a good hint? (I mean a hint that is sufficient without feeding everything to the player)

um how do i enter the library? i think its the door in front of the masters room but when i click it it doesnt let me in even when i have the key, sorry i'm dumb haha :(

It's the room closest to the stairs, let me know if it works :)

(1 edit)

;-; hey uhmmmmmm i'm on the 3rd day in the warehouse and the walkthrough say check the broken barrels for a rusty key and i uhmmm don't know where that is ;-;


Hi! Have you already unlocked the trapdoor in the warehouse? 

;-; is it the one where if u descend u die automatically ?  if so then yes  


yes! But to descend you need a rope, you can find it on the 2nd floor :)

I- why didn't I think of that- i was wondering why he just died ;-; becausee hee felllllllllllllllllllllll thank you though i give u a huggie *virtual hug* Hehehe


Awww >\\\< thank you, I'm hugging you too!
If you're stuck in other parts of the game don't hesitate to ask btw :)

;; i am having a very hard time getting an ending on the times ones, z keeps killing me, sometimes before i can even move, and i really have not the slightest clue where to escape to 

I'm sorry for the problem ;w; I can trace where Z's spawn points are in each map, would that help? Btw to reach the escape you should go to the balcony of Gareth's room on the 1st floor

(1 edit) (+2)

i feel silly but i can't find the gramaphone? sasha told me it was in the "ballroom" of the second floor, but i can't seem to find that room, unless it is the tea room? but no gramaphone in there either when i invite others to teatime (by the way, i accidentally went to teatime with nobody and it wouldn't let me leave the room, despite clicking yes when prompted). the rooms i can reach on floor two are; library, spa room, gareth's bedroom, the mirror room, and locked tea time room. thank you ;;

edit: did all the stuff, found it on the third floor!

I just saw the message, but I'm glad you found it eventually :) let me know if other problems occurr!
(By the way thank you for pinpointing the problem in the tearoom, I'm checking and fixing it x3)

Um got to the warehouse, and tried putting hands into the dirty water

After showing a kinda creepy picture probablyt meaning there's another hand underwater, it just stuck there unmovable and no text pop out either

Is this a bug or a feature or just my computer's issue

I'm sorry for the inconvenience ;__; 
I tried to trigger this but it didn't to me, though I remember it being a bug in the older versions.
Does the picture vanish if you click the Z or X button in your case? 

(1 edit)

No. It's  not the picture, it's the regular scene where Aidan stands at the top left corner of the warehouse.

Well I have used RPG Maker MV for a while and think I might know the problem...maybe you set some  movements for Aidan's character, and he was unable to move standing in the corner, and the moving mood was "wait until movement ends" or sth like that, so he just got stuck there. Maybe you can try editing the mood or the movement. Just a suggestion though.

You were right! Thank you for the advice ;w;
Since today I was releasing an update with other small fixes I included that!
But in the version you currently have to avoid triggering it you should stay in front of the tank and not on the side, I'm sorry I couldn't help more ;w;

oh that's not a problem lol I can get the updated version and copy my saves to its folder, that usually works with RPGs. But it won't be necessary as I already completed the game and got all 3 endings XD. The chase was hard espeacially because of the small space, but I did it eventually after seeing Zakhari's bloody face suddenly pop out a dozen times...I'll upload it when I have time.

btw, I didn't post any proper comment did I XD. I really like games that combine RPG mystery solving and bl stories together which are so hard to find ( I think that's because they're hard to make) , so playing this game was a pleasure. Also I like the art very much :)

You finished it quick! But I'm so glad to hear that you liked it even if it had bugs, especially for the fact that you liked the story >\\\< thank you for playing it! And sorry about Zakhari's bloody face popping up too many times lol x° 
May I ask what ending did you get first and which one you preferred? It's just my curiosity, it's rare somebody tells me they completed all the three endings


Hi!, I've been playing for a while and when I get to the warehouse and put my hands in the bucket with water the game sends me an error, it says: "uncaught type error: cannot read property 'setDimensions' of null". I don't know what it means, I've already tried to install it again and it's still the same. What can I do?


It's a javascript error ;w; I'm sorry for that inconvenience!
Have you tried to upload java? Meanwhile I'm testing it but it still doesn't trigger, but hopefully I'll upload the fixes tomorrow 

Ok, thanks for your help!

You're welcome, let me know if it worked!
Btw I updated a new version, I removed a plugin that may have caused that JS error, I hope it helps ;w;

Hey!, I'm sorry I haven't answered these days, but I got sick. I just wanted to tell you that updating java fixed everything, I finished the game and I loved it!

I'm glad to hear that >\\\< thank you so much!
And I hope you recover soon, take care!


Hi Banya. I completed the game. I advice you to lock the door in the piano room when the timer starts.

Hi Gianmher, thank you for playing the game! I'm making a new update  for small fixes, I'll take the suggestion gladly :) thank you for the advice! 


Great game but I'm stuck at the part where you first go upstairs and idk about the lovesick piano murderer

Thank you! x3
About the piano: check the left library in the same room once the countdown starts, it has the music sheet about love


I don't get it. Left library? I mean, am I supposed to check the music sheets? And then what?

In the piano room there are two bookcases\libraries, check the one on the left and the timer should stop, then you will be brought back to the piano and get the old record


Can I get help? I got stuck at the gramophone and I dunno what to do after it. I tried everything :(

Anyway, It's a very good game!

Hi Rosemary, thank you! I'm glad you like it!
Anyway, did you listen to the old record or do you still need the winding key for it? The latter is in the bedroom of the 2nd Floor, if you already listened to the tape instead, go to the warehouse in the garden with the Rope and descend the Trapdoor ;) 

Thank you so much!

Np! And enjoy :)

Where can I find the rope? Pls help me :"(( i've got Winding key and Old record.

It's in the room on the 2nd floor that has two holes in front of it :)
To access it talk to Sasha in the kitchen then grab the axe hanging on the wall, cut the wood near the warehouse and interact with the holes

I followed what you told me and looked at  Walkthrough too, but i still couldn't find anything. :"((((
i've been stuck here for almost an hour :((((

Mh that's odd ;__; were you able to enter that room btw? Could you send me a screen of the room?
(Meanwhile, I'm checking it)


The game lists Linux as one of the platforms but the main page only lists Mac and Windows versions available for download. Is there any support for Linux ?


You're right, I'm sorry! I fixed it btw, now it has the Linux support too :)


Thanks for the quick work !


Np! Thank you for pointing it out :)

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