A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

On your way home, you find a koi carp struggling on the ground. But when you drop it in your garden lake it reveals as the Spirit of the Pond... 
That's the only thing he remembers. Help him regain his memories and, who knows, you might discover something about you aswell...


This short game was made in 24 hrs!
- 10 minutes of gameplay:
- little maps but every interaction is different
- five memories to collect
- bonus room after credits roll
- Spanish, Thai, Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese and English version

Brazilian Portuguese version is courtesy of Ashiri:

Chinese version is courtesy of Lenfrey:

Thai version is courtesy of Loretta Claes:

Spanish translation is courtesy of Bruno:

Thank you for playing!


KOI (English, PC) 157 MB
KOI (English, Mac) 264 MB
KOI (English, Linux) 163 MB
KOI (Spanish, PC) 156 MB
KOI (Thai, PC) 156 MB
KOI (Thai, Mac) 259 MB
KOI (Chinese, Windows) 142 MB
KOI (Chinese, Mac) 143 MB
KOI (Brazilian Portuguese, Windows) 170 MB

Development log


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Adorei a estética do jogo, e a trilha sonora é absurdamente boa! O único ponto que deixou levemente a desejar foi a duração (mesmo que a intenção fosse algo curto gostaria de mais um pouco de tempo, para poder desfrutar melhor da história) tirando isso é sem defeitos. Caso no futuro tenha a possibilidade de aprofundar ainda mais e quem sabe ter outro capítulo, adorarei poder jogar! (Para quem fez tudo isso em apenas 1 dia, parabéns ficou impecável <3).

OI Gigi! Estou usando um tradutor, espero que você entenda a mensagem! Primeiro, queria agradecer a você por jogar KOI! Fico muito feliz em saber que você gostou tanto! O que você gostaria de ver em uma sequência ou história paralela? Eu tomo nota! >w<


Hello, nice to meet you, Banya! I hope everything is going well. My name is Ashiri, and I am the Tea Party’s new translator. I am currently searching for new RPG Maker games to translate into the Portuguese, and I was truly impressed with your game. The visuals, the atmosphere, the OST, and the entire universe you created in such a short time are truly admirable. The storytelling and well-developed charismatic characters were excellently executed.

I would like to request your permission to translate your game. If you prefer, I can provide my email so that we can discuss further details, or you can access my profile on Twitter and the Tea Party blog for us to get in touch.

Thank you in advance for reading my message, and I eagerly await your response!

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Hi Ashiri! Oh my, thank you >\\\<
I'm really glad to hear that you liked the game so much! I'd be honored if you translate it! How can I contact you? What files should I prepare \ would you need for the translation? (I'd prefer mail but the site is ok too if you prefer that one)

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Good evening, Banya! Thank you very much for your response. It is an honor to have the opportunity to translate your game, and I would like to express my gratitude for trusting me and Tea Party to carry out this work! I commit to do my best, along with the Tea Party team, to ensure that your masterpiece is appreciated in portuguese.

To facilitate our communication, I will provide Tea Party’s contact email: teapartyprojectrpg@gmail.com. Additionally, you can reach out to me directly on my Twitter, @ashiri4d, through private messages. This way, we can maintain an efficient flow of communication and address any questions that may arise.

I don’t need additional files at the moment, as what I currently have is more than enough to begin the translation process. I am dedicated to staying as up-to-date as possible about your work to ensure a faithful and high-quality translation.

Once again, I sincerely thank you for allowing me to translate your game. I am excited about this collaboration and eager to bring your work to life in Portuguese, and I hope to translate more of your games into PT-BR in the future. I look forward to your response, and we are available to provide any additional information you may need!

has it got more than one ending? Looks so cute!

Hi Estrella! Thank you >\\\< it has only one ending btw, it's a very short game

thank you so much!!


I love this game!!!!!


I enjoyed this cute little game and amazed all of it was done in just 24 hours! Thank you so much for this sweet little game!


so cute!


thank you, Wyaovo >\\\<


Como tal la historia tiene mucho futuro, es bonita y tal pero podría haber estado un poco más entretenida, fanarts 10/10 desde luego. 

Muchas gracias Leira >\\\< I'd love to see fanarts!


It was good hehehe so cute (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

Thank you Kawaii Panda >\\\<


I had a really good time with this game! I know it was just a 24 hour jam, but you really made it feel a lot more than that. It's a very nice story, and there's a small history lesson in the bonus room which I enjoyed. Glad to see you are still making games, I'll keep an eye out for your next game!

Aww thank you Cicada!
I'm so glad you liked the game ;\\\\; and also it's great to see you again!
I hope you're having a good time in these holidays!


I really liked this! it was short and super cute! Cheers!

Thank you for your kind comment, Bipiipii! I'm glad that you liked my game >w<


Greetings! I've been in love with your games and I wonder if you could allow me to translate your games into Thai. Is that alright with you?

Of course it is, I would be honored if you do >\\\<
Let me know if you need anything to translate them!


the story was so cute

will you make a rebooted version that could be longer?


Thank you, Naroshinozaki >\\\< I'm glad you liked it!
I think I would after I finish my current project :) so I'm collecting impressions: what would you like to see in an extended version?

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This game is quite entertaining. I like the story although it was quite short and the interaction between characters. It was fun regaining the memories and finding out the story of the mysterious person. I love the plot and the way it is presented and I hope you make more :D!


Glad to see you again, Allekid! And thank you so much for the letsplay ;\\\\; I'm really happy that you liked the game!
(Atm I'm working on another one, I hope to publish it soon!)


Hello Banya, I played the game in Spanish, thank you Bruno for me and I liked it a lot, I uploaded a video in the Spanish version of your game, I hope to continue uploading this type of games made by you, I am just starting on YouTube so I have 6 subscribers but I hope that what you see in the videos of this type of games helps creators like you to create good games. Thank you very much and to all of you a lot of love and support. By the way I am using google translator XD I don't know English.

Mil gracias, Reyva! >\\\<
I'm really glad you liked the game! I'm working on another one, I hope I can finish it soon... in the meanwhile I shared your channel on twitter, subs number doesn't matter but I hope you grow and grow! And of course I'll support you >\\\< 
I'm on mobile now but I'll watch the video as soon as I come back home, thank you so much for making it! 


: 0 My God, thank you very much for sharing my channel on your twitter. I did not expect it. I hope that when your game comes out they can translate it into Spanish. really thanks T-T.

You're welcome! It was the least I could do >\\\<
(I also subbed to the channel, I'm Jane Doe on YT)
I watched the video, your comments throughout made my day >\\\<

PS: as for the games, Deep Inside is being translated into Spanish, I hope I'll update it soon x3


your name in yt is jane done? or I'm jane done because I can't find it if you give me the link it would be easier because I get several xd you can send it to me privately if you want or here you already know on my twitter well I don't know how to use it well yet xd or instagram I don't know xd

Hi Reyva! I apologize for the late reply, I somewhat lost it in the notifications ;__;
But yes, I'm Jane Doe on YT, one of your subscribers! The one with the cat videos xD


You know that moment when you're browsing for games and you see a recent one by one of your favorite developers and you decide to record a video to support them? Yeah, this is the case here.

Firstly, I'd like to start off by applauding the Japanese pun in the title. It was clever and I love it.

Secondly, the fact that you managed to make an interesting story in 10 minutes playtime is crazy. That's like one of the skills I want to master as a writer and storyteller.

I don't have much to say here other than, good job. I'm amazed and I love it. Thank you for bringing this to us, Banya. I'm so happy to see you still going hard with making games. Never stop, I'll always be here to support you.

Let's talk again soon! Bye!


Aww ;\\\\; your message is so heartwarming!
Thank you so much, Houssem! I'll watch the video as soon as I come back home, I can't wait! But I'm glad you liked KOI and especially that you noticed immediatly the pun >\\\<

(Since I read your writings, you do have that skill! At least according to me >\\\< keep up the good work!)





Aww thank you, Aural >\\\<

I didn't plan one but since I'll probably have the characters make a cameo in other games, what would you like to see in a sequel?


See how their relationship progresses from the end of the game (In a romantic sense ; ) ), and see when Ren will realize that he is reincarnation or if the Koi will tell him<3<3<3<3.

P.S.: And a kiss, please<3.


I can't believe you've finished this game within 24hrs! It's sooooo good and I didn't encounter any bugs. The story is something I liked too - Yokais, spirits, myths, history (I'm not really sure what you call it XDD, maybe Japanese literature?). I've been wanting to play this kind of game/s since I've only been reading them in mangas. >.<

And, I laughed at Jun's fishy memory. XDD

Oh and I have a playthrough of the game, I hope it's okay! Here is the link: 

Thank you so much for another great game (well, for me! I'm one of your fans!)!!!

Keep it up!!!!


Oh my >\\\< this was such a pleasant surprise!
First of all, thank you for playing Koi, Seto! I'm happy that you liked and that it made you laugh too >\\\< and thank you for the walkthrough video! I put it on display on the game page ehe!

(As for the 24 hrs time, it couldn't be possible without the free assets, but having them at disposal helped me write the story and edit the sprite bases since I could devote all the time to that)

Thank you again >\\\< I'm honored you made a playthrough, really!


Thank you for featuring my playthrough! >.< It's made my day!!

You're really putting your all into making a game, no matter how small or short it is. :D It's nice to know how things go in the background. :D

Hope you'll never be tired of making games! Also, the art is amazing! I sometimes wish I have both the talents and skills. XDD


You're welcome! >\\\<
And thank you for your kind words! I'm doing my best, I hope that Emerald Wasp comes out a good game too! 
(My contribute to the art in KOI is minimal since I edited the sprite bases of the portraits and the overworld charas, but in the credits you can find all the pages of the artists! >\\\<)


You and your team are working hard so I'm sure Emerald Wasp will be great too! :D


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omg, this was the best game i've ever played! i was really invested, even if it was short. :)

Thank you for your kind words, Aya! I'm so happy to hear you liked Koi, even short as it is! Also, thank you for playing >w<