A 24 hours challenge!

Hi everybody! 
Long posts are not my forte, but I wanted to share a little thought on this surprise entry in my roster.

As many of you already know I'm working on a game called Emerald Wasp in this period, the developing is going smoothly, all while writing a Thesis for University. I have little to no room for distractions, but the thought of making little extra games is lingering.
So I gave myself 24 Hours (countdown started on Twitter) and, if I was able to make a game start to finish, I'd publish it for the Jams.
Now I'm in that phase of "oh no, I should polish it, I should work for a month on it, what if it's too flawed" but I stayed true to my word. Afterall I worked hard (even in a short time) and I wanted you to show the fruits of it eheh!

So, while I try to sit down and relax, I hope you enjoy playing KOI!
It won't take more than 10 minutes of your time, please give me a shot!
Emerald Wasp will be a MUCH different game, don't worry!



KOI (English, PC) 157 MB
31 days ago
KOI (English, Mac) 264 MB
31 days ago
KOI (English, Linux) 163 MB
31 days ago
Credits 999 bytes
31 days ago


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