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This was honestly a beautiful game. It started off with such an interesting mystery, and for a decent chunk of the game I certainly still believed the story that everyone had been telling Aidan. 

But with all of the strange things that had begun to happen, it became very apparent that things were not all that they seemed. It was so much fun to unravel the mystery and get to know the characters along the way! (Everyone had such suspicious personalities beneath how they acted outwardly, and I loved it. The feeling of having everyone against us just added to the tense atmosphere that was already present after the first night.)

The horror itself was beautifully done, too. The slight jumpscares definitely left me feeling uneasy and a little startled, and by the third day in the game everything seemed so eerie and unsettling. You honestly did such a great job with the writing. I was very invested in the story, and all of the endings felt satisfying regardless of the choices I made (though, they all made me a little sad...)

This is yet another game I intend to play again just for myself!
Deep Inside and Emerald Wasp are both definitely some of my favorite horror games now!


Hi Cryptid! I'm sorry I'm a bit late but I wanted to watch the video first!
First of all thank you for playing and recording it, as for Emerald Wasp I had lots of fun watching your reactions!
It makes me want to add a little comment or easter egg about Gareth's bath xD 
You also avoided all the traps, there were a few like jumping in the trapdoor without the rope or eating the biscuits eheh, you were very attentive! As a dev it was nice to see you starting to put all the pieces together and being led in the gameplay bit by bit. I wanted all the characters to look suspicious (especially Zakhari) and I'm glad it worked! And same for the reveal, even though by that point you know what to expect while entering the sealed room eheh. You also read perfectly the Italian names, you know! 
Thank you again for your beautiful gameplay, Cryptid! You're awesome! 

No worries!
I'm just delighted that you watched it. Thank you so much for checking out my gameplay!

xD I'm glad you enjoyed my reactions!
(It would be hilarious if you did add a comment or easter egg for Gareth's bath. Only if it's not too difficult, though, but I'd definitely enjoy seeing it on my next playthrough!)

Holy crap, I can't believe I avoided quite a few traps! I wasn't even trying to, so I feel a bit lucky for that.
You really did a great job with the story. I loved the foreshadowing, and it was fun to peel back the layers of the mystery until we got to the big reveal! (Which honestly made me rather sad, even if I expected it. It was really well done!)
I'm also so glad I pronounced the Italian names correctly (I said many of them 3-4 times before sticking with the take, so I'm glad it paid off!)

;-; Thank you so much for watching. And thank you for making awesome games!
I'm definitely a fan of your works at this point, and I'll be looking forward to playing more of your games!

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Hello! I just finished Deep Inside and I can say with certainty that this game is a work of art. I didn't play this game alone, I played it with a friend of mine. The game's story was something unique that I genuinely hadn't seen in any other game before, and Deep Inside has definitely become one of my favorite RPG games.

What made me love the game the most was the extra room and talking to your character, knowing how the characters and the story were created and what they were based on, it was something that I genuinely loved and that made me love it even more this game (I almost cried while reading it) And something that you definitely managed to convey was the idea that the protagonist could be with all the men in the game. I'm outraged that he didn't end up with Sasha in the end!

(This was clearly written with the translator, I'm Brazilian!:D)

Obs: I created an account here just to write a review and express how much I loved this game!! And I will definitely play your other games

Olá Medhisto! Peço desculpas pela demora na resposta ;w; mas li sua mensagem e fiquei muito feliz!
Primeiramente, obrigado (e seu amigo) por jogar Deep Inside, fico muito feliz que você tenha gostado e também honrado por ter criado uma conta para comentar e avaliar... muito obrigado!
Estou surpreso que você tenha gostado tanto da sala bônus! Por um lado peço desculpas por desabafar demais, acho que posso deixar alguns encargos para os jogadores, mas por outro lado fico feliz que você tenha entendido e apreciado. Queria poder mostrar as fotos da mansão real, era tão linda naquela época! Mas estou muito feliz em saber que você achou a história e os personagens únicos ;w; seu comentário alegrou meu dia!
Obrigado novamente!

PS: Usei o tradutor para português, espero que o texto tenha ficado compreensível kkkkk

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Hey! Sei que não é normal as pessoas responderem á sua resposta, então desculpe! :'D
Na verdade, eu genuinamente gostei de "ouvir" o seu desabafo, isso só demonstrou o tamanho do carinho e amor que você depositou em Deep Inside! Saber que você depositou tanto carinho e até colocou detalhes(digamos assim) da sua vida pessoal no jogo, isso só faz com que essa história não fosse só mais uma história e esse jogo não fosse apenas mais um jogo, é por isso que eu acho deep inside um jogo único!!
Além de que ele segue exatamente o caminho e a vibe que eu amo em jogos de rpg maker, e isso só fez meu carinho por esse jogo aumentar

PS: De uma certa forma eu acabei me identificando com você depois de ouvir o seu desabafo, nós não passamos pela mesma coisa mas ainda sim eu simpatizei com você e meio que me identifiquei<3


Esta muy bien, con una trama interesante la verdad, el diseño de los personajes me parece precioso y bueno poco más que añadir, gracias por la traducción estuvo muy bueno jugarlo.

¡HOLA Leirachan!
¡Gracias por tus hermosas palabras! Me alegra saber que disfrutaste el juego. ¡Gracias por jugarlo! Si quieres puedes dejar una valoración, ayudaría mucho a hacerlo visible.
(Estoy usando un traductor, ¡espero que el mensaje se traduzca bien!)


Hello Banya, I barely finished it and I already love your game, I can always count on your stories, hehe! by far what I liked the most was the exploration and the mysterious air that the game has, the way that everything comes together so that in the end you find out what happened definitely had me hooked. not to mention the characters in the work, which I really liked! I already knew I wouldn't regret playing it, I hope your games are more visible and that this gives you support to continue creating more captivating stories like these! (⁠≧⁠▽⁠≦⁠)


Hi Kanna! Thank you so much for playing Deep Inside too >\\\<
Your comment made my day, and I hope you'll like the next game I'm preparing, your support (and the support of others) encourages me to go one step beyond! Just out of curiosity, did you predict the twist in this one? 
Thank you again for your kind words >\\\<


Wow!! This game was amazing!! the twist totally got me, I would have never guessed! ^-^

Hi Goatboy! Thank you for your comment, I'm glad you liked the game >\\\<
And also that the twist caught you by surprise ehe! 
(If you want to could you rate the game? It would help a lot with visibility)


[I'll try to be vague but there might be spoilers so just a heads-up]

Happy release anniversary! 🥳🥳🥳

Man, I loved this game. There was just something about the setting and the mystery of it all that made it super intriguing, and I just ate it up 🫠

The characters were all very charming and the idea of having tea time with everyone was so cute! (I adored the teddy bear scene with Sasha 💕) Overall, Zakhari was my favorite, even more so after I finished playing. 🫠💕

I loved following the clues and solving the mystery bit by bit. I also love a tragic love story and this one was great! I pieced it together about halfway in, but that didn't take away from the conclusion. 🤭 There were just enough clues and they weren't very obvious, so I think it was really well done. 👌 Oh, and I liked the true ending, too! I felt it was very fitting. (at least now they can be together? that's so sad 😢)

Once again, loved reading about your inspirations at the end, it's such a nice touch and really shows the heart and dedication you've put into making this game. (I spent about 30 minutes running like a headless chicken in search of the last coin, but that was my own fault lol)

Lovely game overall 💕


Hi Hiro! This was such a good way to celebrate the anniversary, thank you! >\\\<

I'm really happy to read that you liked both the setting since it was a personal one for me and the characters ;\\\\;
And since you found the teddy bear you must have read most the teatime events, thank you so much! As for the mistery I'm glad the clues weren't that obvious, but I wanted the game to be fair for a player that paid attention to them (The library especially, it wasn't casual at all)

I guess we can say they are together (forever) now even if it's not a happy ending...
Thank you so much for your kind words Hiro, it means a lot >\\\< 


Where can I listen to OST music from here?


Hi Goofychristies!
The OST of the game isn't custom made, you can find it here: 
Wingless Seraph
Darren Curtis
Vivek Abishek


Just played this game and Emerald Wasp, and I absolutely love them both! As soon as I entered the room with the skulls and the music began playing (the same song that plays in YTTD after the first trial) I actually had to close the game for a second, lol.

Hi (again) Mori! Thank you for playing both games >\\\< I'm happy that you liked them both! 
Ahahah I know, that music is anxiety inducing, but if you also played YTTD it triggers memories! 
(I love that game too, it's amazing)



First, I did not expect the twist. Playing this game made me feel scared, happy (only towards Zakhari), intense, sad, and empty. Zakhari’s death was so unexpected that I was in denial about it. I had to step away from the game for 1 hour. The sound effects were very eerie that I had to take off my earphones throughout the game. Some of the quests were quite unclear so I had to watch the gameplay to know what I was supposed to do (check out “Gaming with Faelel” video). Either way, it didn’t spoil the game for me. I thought that this game would have a battle or something since it has HP, Level, and Mana. But to my surprise, it only had a chase sequel. I also didn’t know what to do with “Note #3”, I thought it was for the dark room. But as I recall, I think I never actually used the information in it. I guess that was for some side quest. If not, I guess I didn’t realize that I was actually using the info. As for the characters, I think they’re great—Especially Zakhari (I am biased toward him since he’s funny and charming). Gareth is also cool, I did not expect that it was his doing. If you were to ask me, I thought that the plot would go to something like the one that burned the house was one of the people that died building it since they have a strong hatred for the Leighs sort of thing. And I strongly believed that it would go that way, so when I was nearing the end. It completely surprised me. Either way, there may have been some confusion while I was playing this, but it didn’t destroy my experience. Totally a recommended game.


Hello! Thank you for your kind words, I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed the game >\\\< 
Having the player suspicious about an extra arsonist was what I was trying to lead them to think, so it worked! But the game has definetly flaws, as you pointed out, and I should retouch the Note 3 in particular. On the other hand I'm both honored and surprised to hear that you liked the characters and that the game made you feel intense emotions throughout the gameplay >\\\< it's a badge of honor as a dev!
Thank you so much for playing Deep Inside, Pho!

(I follow Faelel's channel regularly, Sparrow makes really good content!)

OMG, thank you too! keep up the good work. I'm definitely excited for your new game <3

Ho recentemente trovato questo gioco totalmente a caso, ero un sacco curioso ma quando ho visto che c'era una versione italiana ho fatto i balzi di felicità (Non che facci schifo in inglese però...)

comunque, ho adorato i personaggi, sopratutto Sasha e Hilda! mi hanno fatto ridere un bel paio di volte e giusto che ho una sorella gemella mi sono ritrovato me stesso in lui.

Per avere il vero finale ci ho messo un po'.. Ma cavolo se ne  è valsata la pena! e per le 15 monete ho fatto i peggio giri, ero confuso perchè ero sicuro di aver controllato tutto!.... e invece ero solo io che non avevo controllato il bagno ( Lo so, MOLTO stupido direi T_T)

alla fin fine davvero un bel gioco! alcuni momenti mi hanno dato l'angoscia (l'inseguimento e la prima notte che mi ha ricordato una certa scena di ib!) si vede proprio che ci avete messo molto impegno! 

io, mia sorella e altri amici miei stiamo pure noi facendo un gioco e spero forse di diventare Amici da Horror-Rpg-Developers! <3

un bacio!

This game is really good! thoughi was confused with how the story line was going and what I needed to do next but I finished the game and overall it was a really good game, a few spelling errors but amazing game. 

Loved the game

Amazing work creator

hiii :( im having an issue with unlocking the trapdoor...
im doing exactly as the note says (north, west, north and then face east) but i cant interact with the tile :(

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Hi Chara! In which room did you look for the trapdoor? (It's in the small house on the back)

i tried it in the warehouse! im pretty sure thats the small house in the back you're talking about..?


Hi! Sorry to bother you, but I'd like to ask your permission to do a portuguese translation, if needed, you can also contact me in my twitter @C0FFEP4LETTE or my e-mail <3

Not a bother at all, I'd be honored if you do >\\\< I sent you an email!


An old fashioned RPG Horror Game. 
You should be +16 to play it due to uncomfortable themes.

Male Protagonist
3 Alternative Endings
Extra Dialogue Feature
& Full Walkthrough

Oh no, not the male protagonist im so scared XD

Good game, i like it.

Hi Double King, thank you for your comment!

LOL I didn't think it might have that effect, but written like that made me laugh x° should I remove the male protagonist tag btw? I used it because of the requirements of one of the Jams at the time... and then I forgot it there 

No, it has to stay. Despite the comical nature of this text format, I think it would be inappropriate if one of the tags characterizing this game disappears after so much time.


I really enjoyed this game! Perfect amounts of mystery, puzzles and horror! I do run into a bug but I was playing an older version of the game and the bug has been fixed now. I recommend people to play this fun little gem for themselves! 


Hi Banya! 

I played your game and it was super exciting and interesting. I loved every second of it, some of the jumpscares, the dinamic with every character and the story. It caused me a lot of emotions while playing and I really appreciate that. 

Also I really liked the characters, they were drawn so pretty. (Zakhari is so precious to me.<3) 

And I wanted to ask you something out of curiosity, who is the person who draw the characters? when they speak to you they appear in the corner of the screen and It seemed to me a different art style, but I don't know. 

Thank you for this game and I hope you reply. <3

Hi Demi! Thank you so much for your kind words ;\\\\; I'm so happy to hear that the game resonated emotionally with you! This is so important to me, so thank you so much for playing and dedicating time to my little game!

Of course! The portraits were drawn by an artist called Gholless\Cozarks, their contacts are in the credits file but I'll share them here too. I highly suggest browing their gallery, their work is stellar!

Thank you so much Banya! I'm sorry I didn't notice the credits earlier, but thank you for being so nice about it. Best of the lucks and take care.<3

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that the personality database link redirects to the same tvtropes link:

Hi Kazura! Thank you for letting me know ;w;
I fixed it, it should work now!


great game enjoyed every part of it, need more games like this

Thank you for playing my game Cremebrule!
I'm happy to hear you liked it >\\\< I hope you'll like my next one too!

can't wait for it yea


Great game! It was relatively short but engaging. The story is simple enough. I enjoyed the Tea Time events and various jumpscares. The final chase scenes are very The Witch's House-esque.

Possible bug notes: 

- My game suddenly freezes at the Credits screen, so I am unable to see the Extra Content after any of the endings. (Playing on Windows).

- When you choose the 3rd option in the last ending branch, you're still able to "talk" to the character in the empty tile and rechoose another ending.

- When you break open a certain wall on the first floor, enter the room, leave the room, and try to re-enter, it will not let you (there are two tile spaces facing the wall, but after you break both of them and leave twice it's a softlock).

Hi Solbg! Thank you for playing my game and notifying me of the bugs, I could only trigger the last one but I'll fix all of them hopefully!
I'm glad youi liked it even if it's somewhat buggy though and having it compared to the Witch House is one of the greatest compliments I ever had ;\\\\;


El juego está épico, no sé si soy demasiado manco o algo pero (spoiler)

 al final, cuando me quiero llegar al señor este que me olvidé el nombre, no puedo, no tengo ni idea de si está hecho a posta para que sea así, pero quiero tratar de llevármelo ayudaaaaaaaa.

¡Hola Martìn! Perdón por la demora ;w;

Estoy tratando de corregir todos los errores y... ¿por casualidad recuerdas qué artículos tenías en el inventario cuando llegaste al final? Creo que sé lo que bloqueó la elección de traer a Gareth; w;

Gracias de nuevo por jugar mi juego, ¡estoy tan contenta de que te haya gustado!

(Estoy usando un traductor, espero que se entienda el mensaje)

hi, i don't get the game in spanish to dowload but i see that there are people that have it in spañishdowloaded from here, what do i do??

pt: sorry from my inglish jeje

Hello! It's the fourth file to download in the list (Deep Inside Espanol) and on the bottom of the list there's also the walkthrough (Guia), to extract the file from the rar folder you need a program like Winrar (that is fortunately free)

Let me now if you could download them or if you need any help x3

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I don't know how to extract the rar file can someone help me out please???

Hi LazyToom! I'm sorry, I logged in today ;w;
By the way to extract the Rar file you need a program like WinRar or 7-Zip. I use WinRar, it's free and safe. Let me know if you need anything else

ok thanks ima try it out!


d( ̄ω ̄〃)


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I've downloaded the game but i can't open it, can someone help me, please? My daughter wants to play it, so we put it on my surface, idk what to do after we highlight all the folders. Tried "extract" but it just seems to condense them into another file... I'm just trying to get a game for my kid 😫


Hello MCavanaugh!
I wouldn't reccomend this kind of game to a kid unless you play next to them, since it's a (mild) horror game. By the way are you using Windows? Once you extract the rar file you should get a folder containing the ".exe", opening that one should work, let me know if it does :)

Hi! I downloaded the spanish ver but it's a rar, and when i open it contains weird symbols. Idk how to convert it to .zip, can anybody help me? (Idk if i need to have an rtp)

i realised how to do it sorryy /cry

Don't worry, Madmirae! Let me know if you need any help though :) 

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Hello! I know that there is already a Spanish version but, I don't know where to download it, does anyone know?

It's not in the download links.

Hello, check again and if the link is there, the truth is that it seems strange to me because yesterday it wasn't there, maybe I didn't see well. (Sorry if my english is bad).

Hi Yurisaki! No problem, it happens! I think I should move up the file, since it's not very visible...
But thank you for your interest in my game! Let me know if you need any help x3

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Hi Banya!

I had played your game and was very exciting. Short, but full of emotions and adrenaline. I loved the dialogues on the teatime and the little clues on them. Also, the facts about the characters on the bonus room were so interesting. (Zakhari best character <3) I'll try to play  more of your games later!

I found a bug when playing and it was very funny. I tried to skip a scene going out through the front door (When Gareth calls all of servants at the dining room). I continued with the story and Gareth, Hilda and Sasha were standing there for the rest of the gameplay, even if they are dead and the house is burning- Maybe.... they have clones?!

P.D: Do you have instagram? I want to post a fanart of Aidan <3

Hi Galleta! Thank you for your kind words >\\\<
I read your comment on the rating, but itchio doesn't allow to reply to ratings, that's why I couldn't before.
I'm really happy to hear you liked the game and read through the bonus room >\\\< also I'll try to fix the bug asap, that's on me because I didn't think somebody would go back into the room before the cutscene (it's that that triggered it, probably)
And yes, I do have it! It's >\\\< I'd be honored to see the fanart, please, tag me!


Hello! I wanna play this game but i just wanna ask first, what do you mean by uncomfortable themes? :]

Hi Jazzy! I'm glad you're interested in my game!
There are mentions of arson, internalized homophobia (in one character) and depictions of murder and blood. 
It's not very graphic, but I wouldn't reccomend playing to younger players. Also, being a LGBTQ+ creator myself I know very well that mentions of homophobia, though sadly frequent in the past (where the game is set), are triggering material to most of us ><

Ah ok! thank you for specifying :]


I made an account just to write a comment about how much fun I had playing, The atmosphere is very good, I really like the sprites and it even gives me that feeling of regret for the characters even though I don't know them very well, I was looking for something to pass the time not too long and this was perfect, I congratulate you for your great work keep going!                 PD: Do u have ig?

Hi Ranmaruku! Thank you so much for your comment >\\\<
I'm really happy to hear you liked the game! 
As for IG yes, it's 
If you have IG too feel free to link it so I can follow you!

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hello! an apology banya, I have a question to ask you, I haven't finished the game yet and I stayed in the part when one leaves Garrett in his room to rest and well... I'm using the guide and the guide doesn't say anything what to do next and won't let me go back to sleep. i have zakhari as a partner. What I do i do and  what does it mean to have him on my team?

 By the way, I love your game!

Pdt: I'm using the translator, lol

(1 edit)

Hi Midnighting! I apologize for the late reply ;w; 
So... at which point of the game are you on?
If it's the first day you need to talk to Sasha and Hilda, then go to bed. 
If it's after the scene of the shadow and the paintings try this:

Go to the Third Floor (upstairs), get to the room on the left.
Check the barrels for a Tiny Key and the shelves for the Ground Floor Map. Check the map then, in the room on the right, check the chest for a Hammer. Then you'd be on your way to the endings!
I hope it helps! Let me know if you need anything :)

PS: Zakhari is in the party because you have an invitation for teatime, you just need to invite him using the ticket from the inventory :) 

hello and no.

excuse me if I don't specify ^^', I mean in the part where one is where the garret study room when he raved about the guy who burned the third floor and one left him rested and didn't know what to do next

ps: thanks for the Zakhari theme

Sorry for the late reply!
Then it should be what I proposed above, I think I got where you are. Try this and let me know x3
Go to the Third Floor (upstairs), get to the room on the left.
Check the barrels for a Tiny Key and the shelves for the Ground Floor Map. Check the map then, in the room on the right, check the chest for a Hammer. Then you'd be on your way to the endings!

(1 edit)

Hello ;-; I Donwload the game but a I can't put the Screen in Full screen, I press enter + alt or alt + F11 and it doesn't works :'c Oh, and when pass some time playing the game freeze the screen, what can I Do?

Hi Zen! Unfortunately it's not possible to fullscreen the game unless it's coded in ;w; but I'm learning how to do it, so I can implement it in the next update hopefully! (I apologize the feature isn't there yet, I never thought of somebody wanting to use it ;w;) 
As for the screen, does it freeze after an event in particular? I mean, in the same point of the game or in random points? (The latter might be a CPU usage issue)
Thank you for your patience!


hey !! i really loved the game as it bought me so much emotion at the same time : sadness, anger( especially for 2 characters) , happiness ( after a certain ending were we ( insert major spoiler) to revenge ). the story was also super interesting, the puzzle just hard enough and the teatime mechanics was so much fun i loved doing all of them ( i hope i didn't miss any) but i am now doing the "real" ending and i'm stick at the part where i have to open the chest and take the yellow note, i take the not but while im reading the texte zahkari is coming to kill me :( what am i supposed to do ?? ( also sorry for the mistake im not native english speaker :o )

Hi Sabririna! I'm happy to hear you liked the game, it means a lot to me >\\\<
Another played reported the same issue, it's a bug unfortunately! I'm with the game open trying to solve it but I'm not able to replicate it, may I ask what you did right before reading the text? Did you speak to Gareth on floor 3? Thank you for your patience ;w;

thanks for you reply ! 

and i tried once without talking to him and the other time i talked to gareth but that would lead me to the other two ending i already did :( so idk what to do anymore. i hope we'll find a solution tho :o

Hi again Sabrina! I'm sorry for the late reply ;w;
I was unable again to trigger the error, but I scavenged the internet for gameplays and I saw it popping in a specific sequence of gameplay... I'm working on that, I hope I'll be able to fix it! Thank you again for your patience ;w;

I ran into the same bug. It would happen if I went into Gareth's room after the flashback cut scene with Zakhar and Gareth, and the conversion with Zakhar. Zakhar would come after me to kill me, like he does in the "bring him" path, but regardless of what I'd done beforehand in between the cut scenes and Gareth's room. The only way I got around it was going into his room before seeing the secret room with Zakhar.

I'm sorry you ran into the same bug ;__; but I wanted to thank you for the insight, I've been struggling for days trying to replicate the bug (I'm literally watching every gameplay I can) but with your comment I have an idea. I hope I'll be able to patch it soon! 

I'm glad I was able to help then.


This was a really fun play! I really love the characters and their designs! The tea time mechanic  is also really unique and a fun addition to get to know the characters. It did take me a few tries to actually get to the True Ending because for some reason I kept getting caught by Zakhari while trying to unlock the chest in Gareth's room on the 1st floor and getting a Game Over but I eventually made it after re-doing the entire thing which I honestly didn't mind too much. It was a very fun play and I really liked the endings and the special after-credit room when you eventually get all 15 coins! I still have yet to get through all the tea times, I believe so I'll continue to do that~ It was a brilliant game and I await to see more games from you in the future hopefully!

Thank you for your kind words, Haruhi! I'm really hapopy to hear you liked the game >\\\<
But it seems you ran into a bug, Zakhari wasn't supposed to chase you when you opened the chest...! I'm trying to fix it but I'm not able to replicate it, did you talk to Gareth on the 3rd floor before opening the chest by any chance? 
Thank you for your patience ;w; 

PS: I'm close to release a new game, I hope you will like that one aswell!


I was able to get every ending and the secret after-credit scene as well! I really loved that I could hear your experience while making it and the inspirations that lead you to make this game. It's also really cool that the mansion was based on something from real life! I'm looking forward to playing your new game! I'll definitely be waiting for it!

I apologize for the late reply!
But I'm really happy to hear you liked the game ;\\\\; (regardless of the bug)
The real mansion was really beautiful, I wish I could share the old pics!

Ah, the reply wasn't really late haha- It's fine! I kinda of wished I could have seen the real mansion (as a fan of vintage / old European stuff). I also really wish I could see the pictures- haha- 


I really liked this game! The tea time meetings as a way to get to know the characters is such an innovative mechanic, I loved it sm!I also appreciate that you included a walkthrough in the files. Very enjoyable <3


Hi Selkuz, thank you so much for your kind words! 
I'm really happy to hear you liked the game and the tearooms >\\\<
Have nice holidays and a happy new year!


Hi! This is a good game, I like it. Can I translate it into Chinese?

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Hi Surgeries! Thank you! I would be honored if you do >\\\< let me know if you need something (like the files etc)

My email is (edited) we can talk here for the details!

Sino fuese por esos muñecos cabezones lo jugaría.


¡No te preocupes! Hice las muñecas, todavía no puedo hacerlo mejor ;w;" (Espero que no haya errores, estoy usando un traductor)


I put this game on my video about 10 Best RPG Maker Games on JoiPlay Emulator If you don't know what JoiPlay is, JoiPlay is a Emulator to play RPG Maker games on Android.

Oh my, thank you so much! It's a great Xmas present seeing my games featured among such amazing titles!
Also, it's the first time someone features Deep Inside in a top ten ;\\\\;


You're welcome I'm glad I could help, and Merry Christmas

Merry Xmas to you too! 
I shared your video on twitter and on the devlog >w<


Thanks I appreciate that


I downloaded this for mac and saved it to Finder and used The Unarchiver to open it. It then made it into a folder with the files: credits.html, Credits.txt, Game, NEW Walkthrough.txt, and titlecard.png. However, when I tried to open the "Game" file (that was an application), a message popped up saying "The application "Game" can't be opened." Do you know why this happens? I checked my system and privacy in settings and there wasn't a message saying that it was an unidentified developer, so it wasn't because of that.

Hi Animenymous! I'm sorry about this problem ;w; 
It triggers on some Mac Yosemites, I don't know why. Usually it's fixed in one of these ways, it hope it helps ;w; let me know!

1. Download the Windows deploy of the project.
2. Download & install Wine + WineBottler \ Or download nw.js and run that instead
3. Run Game.exe and library files through WineBottler, produce

Run these commands on OS to restore the permissions:
chmod +x chmod +x\\ Helper chmod +x\ Helper\\ Helper\ EH chmod +x\ Helper\\ Helper\ NP


I rlly liked this game!  I went out of my way to get all of the tea time scenes and they make the characters a lot more interesting!  I did have to play the game twice cuz my game got bugged and it wouldn't let me get one of the endings but I enjoyed it both times lmao

Hi Leiland! I'm glad to hear you liked my game this much, thank you for going through the teatimes too ;w; it's not something everybody would do, and I appreciate it a lot ;\\\;
About the bugs though I'm sorry they occurred ;w; may I ask what part did you get the bug? So I can fix it for the next build


The only bug I had gotten was when Zhakari is chasing you and you have to get to the balcony.   Weirdly I could get the ending where it’s Gareth chasing you instead, but when it’s Zhakari chasing I could get to the balcony but no cutscene would start.  Hope this helps ^.^

I managed to trigger the bug and oh my, that's so embarassing D: thank you for pointing it out ;\\\\; I'll fix it immediatly!

I fixed it! I apologize for the bug... now it should be working, I tested it again! Thank you for pointing it out the bug, if you didn't I'd probably wouldn't notice it until months ;__;


So far, I love the game a lot. Due to needing to do other things it's says I've been playing for 8 hours, even though I've only spent maybe 40 minutes in the actual game. I keep getting stuck on some parts, but that could just be my lack of rpg game experience. Other than that, love the characters, love the art, the game is amazing!

Hi Kou! I'm glad you like the game so far ;\\\\; and of course I can help you when\if you're stuck, just tell me where you are \ which items you have! About the runtime it's quite odd... I never triggered that, but I'll research so I can fix it ;w;" 
(The game is definetly not 8 hrs of runtime... I wish it was xD)


Hello! I've been stuck on the same part for a bit, so i thought I'd respond about it. I currently have winding key, note 1-2, along with the warehouse key, the library key, and a silver key. I'm not sure what to do, I'm currently looking for a light to get up to the fourth floor, as I've already been to the third.

(1 edit)

Oh cool! First get the axe from the wall on 2nd floor and go in the garden to cut the tree trunk, obtain the planks and put them to cross the floor on floor 2nd. In that room you'll get a rope. So, if you got the third note too, go back to the warehouse. There will be a hidden trapdoor (it depends on the winds puzzle, but you can stumble against it by walking tbh) and you can descend to the cellar to retrieve the lamp :)

Let me know how it goes!


I only recently was able to play again, and for some reason I can't get the axe, it just keeps describing it. Even after looking at the holes in the floor and the tree trunk.

Hi Koukou! I apologize, in these days I have guests at home and I might take a little longer to check the error ;__; thank you for your patience!
By the way, are you playing on an older version of the game? (I updated some bugs since last time we spoke)

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