I've seen dozens just like Eliot. The dead eyes of someone uncapable of feeling remorse for his actions. He has been in custody for four hours already and I have only five minutes to break him and make him talk...

This game was made for the O2A2 VN Jam 2023, a micro Visual Novel jam with strict asset limitations and a 1000 word limit. And it features...
1. One asset of everything, 1K words of script
2. A Timer mechanic & Animated Sprites
3. Two Endings (Win & Fail conditions)
4. A guide to get all dialogue & endings
5. A cute easter egg

Content Warning
The game is rated 18+. It contains mentions of animal abuse, torture, claustrophobia, morbid imagery and murder. Player discretion is advised!

Browser Ver. VS Downloadable Ver.
At the moment the browser version is running on easy mode because it doesn't feature that stress timer mechanic of the original. If you want to play the game as intended (especially if you plan to stream it or make a video) please play the downloadable version.

Programming, Sprite & Menu Art, Story & Writing: Banya
GUI: Skolaztika
Music: "Stalagmite", Khaldun
Beta-Testing: Faelel Sparrow
Proofreading: Dex
Eliot's Design: SoupKart

Thank you for playing!
And please, if you liked it, consider leaving a rating! It will really help with visibility!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
Tags2D, Horror, Multiple Endings, Narrative, o2a2, Ren'Py, Short, vn
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Under the Murder Tree [PC, Linux] 49 MB
Under the Murder Tree [MAC] 44 MB
Game Walkthrough 696 bytes

Development log


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The music is very similar to the ones used in Matsuro / Terasene and I really love them. I liked the plot, the subtle reference to the title and the way it went. Good game!

(+ the history facts were good too)

Hi Mike! Thank you for your kind words >\\\<
I love inserting history trivia in my games and I'm happy when I see players enjoying it! As for the music I haven't played Matsuro Death Palette yet but I'm planning too, if the music is good I'm definetly more willing to!

I love the music, for me it kind of went well with the time limit, and I like the way we are facing with Eliot. Is it alright to have sympathy for him? I guess it is. Lastly, I was hoping a little bit that if we chose to name the bird 'Eliot' it would have a special dialogue but I'm also fine with the way things are! Good Job!


Love this little glimpse into the mind of a killer. He has that great "deranged, yet sympathetic" vibe that we get from all the best criminal characters. Killing my murder would definitely make me commit murder!

If there was an element I wasn't going for it was just the music; I didn't feel like it added much.


Hello G.C. Katz! 
Hearing that Eliot has the vibes of the best criminal characters makes me so happy ;\\\\; it's a huge compliment!
Even if the music didn't match the atmosphere I'm really glad to hear that you liked my game and didn't ruin the vibe, thank you for playing it!


I like the time limit but I feel like something miss in this game. if it has a back story little not just listening from Eliot belike about him and why the other guy must kill Eliot's raven or the raven get killed is a wild bird and in the main menu It little hard to understand where to start, where to load the save game and what locked it means.


Hi Chiiaki! Thank you for playing and recording my game >\\\< 
This jam is really a challenge because of the text limitations but if I manage to make an extended version I'll add more about the victim and his motivation!(For the main menu, the "locked" options is about CGs... I didn't have any CGs to show, that's why it stayed like that... ;w;)


Oh I see, if you will add anything about them in the future I will looking forward!


Really enjoyed your game, I liked the time restriction you added, really helped create that sense of emergency of someone being in danger. 

Definitely feel like the cops should take the 'Murder Tree' title more literal in future, maybe have regular patrols to that spot just to be safe :') 

Great job on the jam, looking forward to your next game!

Hi Meeka! First of all, thank you for recording and playing my game >\\\< I'm happy to hear that you liked it, timer and all!
Ahaha after that events that tree won't be remembered just because of crows and ravens, definetly!


I loved the vibe!

With the music and the timer it really feels like you are against the clock.

The sprite looks so cool and charming!

I love villain-adjacent characters so Eliot stole my heart in seconds!

I understand where he is coming from even if his actions were too extreme.





A confession: After my first playthrough; I played again, made myself a coffee and listened to the cell block tango from the musical Chicago while the timer drained and the bad end came cuz "they had it coming"

Now I feel kinda evil but… the poor birds T--T and pets/animal friends may as well be family sometimes


Hi Taumi! Thank you for playing my game, I'm glad that you liked it and also that the vibe worked as intended >\\\<
Definetly extreme, but that's why he's going to prison for, even though I'm glad you liked Eliot too!

By the way I know that musical and I love the Cell Block Tango, I didn't think about that but it sounds so satisfying ahah!


Very well done :) Played it while drinking my morning coffee. I think you could do a really good interogation game without the text restrictions. Now it tickles me to get back to renpy myself.

Thank you Schiraki! I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed it >\\\< I'm having a coffee myself while reading your comment! It made me want to try to make an extended interrogation game outside of the jam!


Best kind of artist interaction. ;)

We're hyping each other up xD when you reprise Renpy and make a game let me know, I'll play it gladly!


I have to do my next in english then. ;D I will try.


Such a cool game! The timer function was an interesting addition that added to the mood, the spritework delicious, and Skolaztika's GUI work is as always out of this world.

Well done!! :) <3


Thank you for your kind words, Tymedust! 
I'm really happy to hear that you liked the game, especially the timer and the sprite! I wanted to add a little spice to the interrogation ahah!


Loved the game, especially the character design and animation (I audibly gasped when his mouth started moving, lol)

I really enjoyed it! Hopefully it wins, but even if it doesn't it was a very fun (albeit stressful) experience

Thank you so much Mori ;\\\\;
It's my first time animating a sprite, I'm so happy to hear it was that effective! And also that you played and liked my game ;\\\\; the jam isn't ranked, but the fact you had fun while playing it is an absolute win for me!


Hey! I played the game and it was neat!

First, the sprite was very gorgeous!! And then, WELL, it was intense?? Honestly, the music and the timer really set a stressful and tense mood!

The story in itself was very interesting and uncovering the mystery was fun to do! And if at first Eliot sends off bad vibes, the ending almost makes his actions look selfless and pure (although I'm not sure it justifies his actions, haha, but I guess that's the point)?

It was a great O2A2 entry, congrats Banya!!


Thank you so much for your kind words (and for rating the game), I'm so glad you liked the game Chimerique ;\\\\; 

Happy to hear that I was able to set the mood I wanted with the music and the timer eheh! Most of the time in the jam got spent on the sprite, it means a lot to me that you said it looks great! 
Of course it doesn't justify his actions but I wanted it to be more grey morality than a black \ white solution for the player. You have the option to stare at him and purposefully waste the five minutes afterall...

Merci beaucoup! ;\\\\;