A downloadable asset pack

Hi everyone!

I decided to release a series of free to use materials for visual novels or else. Some of them were part of an old project I'm redrawing from scratch, so I'm releasing the old sprites in the CC. These sprites are under a CC BY-NC-SA Creative Common Licence.
All I ask you is to credit me as Banya or Laplace Studio.

In addition to the licence you can:
- Rename them as you wish, what you see are just names I gave them to avoid "Sprite Number 1, 2, 3, etc."
- Genderbend them
- Draw CGs with them in it for your VN
- Use in NSFW Visual Novels - if you indicate the changes to the sprites

Have fun and show me your VN if you use them! I'll definetly play it \^-^/


Officer Naoki [Male] 1 MB
Doctor Itsuki [Male] 755 kB
Vampire [Male] 1 MB
Nadeshiko [Female] 3 MB
Sakura [Female] 2 MB
Momiji [Female] 2 MB

Development log


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Oh so you decided to update the pack with the vampire design I gave you neat!

Yep! The credits to you for the vampire are in the zip files as always :)

I was planning on using this sprite for a series. I was wondering if could use it though. I will credit you.

Of course you can! Feel free to use it :)