Linux Fixes, Questions for Linux Users

It seems the old Linux build was defective. 
I am terribly sorry for that, I wasn't aware of the issue before ;__; 
So I updated the game in a more recent version of Renpy, now Dreamquartz has three separate rar files.
I could test only the windows version, that is apparently functioning so far, but if you play the game and encounter any kind of problem let me know and I'll search a way to fix them. I'm still learning but certainly willing to learn!

The questions for Linux users are:
1) If you downloaded the game before (looking at the statistics) did it boot up? Did you encounter any problems?
2) For new players, does the new Linux build work? 

Last, a big thanks to Leon_Skylark for pointing the problem to me ;w; it was big handy, so I could start working on it!
Of course, if this build fails again, I'll update it and fix it again... I'm on trial & error xD


Dreamquartz (Windows) 111 MB
Feb 28, 2021
Dreamquartz (Mac) 96 MB
Feb 28, 2021
Dreamquartz (Linux) 102 MB
Feb 28, 2021
ENDING HINTS.txt 470 bytes
Apr 11, 2020
CREDITS.txt 1 kB
Apr 11, 2020
Dreamquartz (Old Build) 115 MB
Apr 11, 2020

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