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Nice game!

But I never seem to get the good ending :/

Anyone knows how to get it?

Thank you for playing, Lambda! I'm glad you liked it! :)
I had uploaded a hint guide, did you try that? Which choices did you make?

Well... After reading the guide I think I cant get sightseeing twice (I understand the first one when reaching the village) and also im not so sure if im accepting (or not) the betrayal's pact since i dont remember seeing it. I get the feeling im just dumb tho...

Anyway, these are the choices I made

1) Surrender body and soul

2) Follow

3) Surrender

4) Sure

5) Thank for the crystal

6) Deep hatred

7) Show constelations

8) Used to be hunted down

9) Im sorry

10) There must be another way

11) (No other option) Yes.

Don't know if you want to know but just pick the other choice for your 10 choice ? ( Sorry, bad english XD ) . It's not ; there must be another way but ; i can't kill . 

Thank you! It worked :D

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Lin Ji.


Nice game X3


Thank you, Bakana! :)


You were not kidding about the angst lmao. Nice job (:


Of course I weren't! But I'm so glad you liked it! 
Thank you for playing Dream Quartz :D