PT-BR Version Available

To celebrate the Itchio Creators Day, the Brazilian Portuguese Version of Emerald Wasp is live!
And oh boy, the Tea Party Project really went all out on this! I can't wait for you to play their version and see for yourself.
For those of you who already know about the videos and especially the secrets, yes: they adapted them to portuguese too, frame by frame. 
And they didn't stop at that: they also made a lockpicking tutorial (a high requested feature), install instructions, how to play on multiple platforms, and a full walkthrough. You can find all the info on the main site down below.
A huge thanks go to Ashiri, the lead translator of the project, for the amazing work, the kindness and the dedication.
Special thanks to: @ashiri4d, @MayaOoue, @LienMultifandom, @arisudado, @orifield, @RaikKiar1, @G0ldGh0st, @Slinuru, @oabismododes, Luh, @ayano_szz 

Translated by  Ashiri of the Tea Party Project
Main site:

If you like the game, please rate it! It'll help a lot with visibility!
Thank you for reading so far, I hope you enjoy pkaying Emerald Wasp and... 
I'll leave you with this beautiful art drawn for the game by Ashiri!

"Se eu pudesse salvar pelo menos uma pessoa com minhas
mãos... esse alguém seria você...."


Emerald Wasp [PT-BR, Windows] 636 MB
Aug 25, 2023
Guia completo 2 MB
Aug 25, 2023

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Hi, I want to take opportunity to say thank you for this wonderful game. I'm part of the team who helped reviewing the translation at Tea Party Project and I loved the story of the game. I'm excited to play your future games as well.

Hi Lien! I remember you from the team!
I'm so glad you gave my game a chance and that you enjoyed playing it too, thank you again >\\\< 
I feel motivated to start on the next big project after this ehe


im brazilian and i think its more easy to understand when playing a game in your native language, i will play your game,it looks interesting

Thank you Rafinhacapetao! I hope you'll enjoy the game x3