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This was such an awesome game! 

I loved the story and the way that you incorporated wasps as a plot-point was very interesting. (I also greatly enjoyed learning a little bit more about wasps from the books in the library!)

The art was gorgeous and the character designs were amazing. The character personalities were also wonderful!
(I adored Archie. He made me laugh. But Béla's design was the coolest. Especially his one compound eye, I adore monstrous appearances!)

The horror aspects were delightful, too. It was all so gross and weird, and I loved it! I even enjoyed the puzzles, even if it took a while for me to solve them. 

I think the only thing that gave me trouble was the walking. The characters would stop sometimes or go further than I wanted, but it wasn't too bad.

You really did a great job, and I'll definitely have to try your other RPG Maker horror game at some point!

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Hello Cryptid!
I gasped when I saw the comment and I just finished watching the video ;\\\\;
First of all, I wanted to thank you for playing and recording the game, I enjoyed watching you play it a lot! And also I wish I had more mastery of the English language to convey emotion more than a simple thank you, but I watched it all and all the enthusiasm, the reactions and the kind words mean a lot to me! I'm really glad that you liked the game so much and it makes me happy to see that you were so invested ;\\\\;
(And in this case... even though it's unsettling stuff, there are some things you missed I can hint you in DMs if you want to)
Dev-wise I can say I feel understood in the little choices and directions I made for the game, even though there are needed fixes (the BRIDGE)! And yes, I will be making another long RPG maker horror, but I'm at the early stages still, stay tuned!
Again, thank you so much! ;\\\\;

PS if you want you can rate the game, it'd help with visibility!

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Aaah! Thank you for watching ;-; 
It really was an incredibly fun game!

Your kind words mean a lot to me. I'm actually having trouble finding words of my own because I'm very happy you liked my play-through ❤

(And I would love to know about the stuff I missed! You can definitely DM me about it, I'd appreciate it greatly!)

You really did a great job with Emerald Wasp. Even if there do need to be a few little fixes, it was overall an excellent game (that I will probably play again purely for fun at some point!)
I'm so excited for your next project, too! I bet it's going to be awesome! ^-^

(Edit: I left a rating! Although I wasn't sure if I should leave a comment over on the Feedback Quest section, since I'm not technically a part of it. 

I didn't see an option to leave a regular rating outside of Feedback Quest, though. But I will also leave one if that becomes available on here!

❤ I hope more people see this awesome game!)


I loved the game, the story is very creative, the characters are very captivating, I spent the whole afternoon playing and looking forward to the end! I am very happy to be able to enjoy a translation from PT-BR. I strongly hope that the game can become more popular, as it certainly deserves it, congratulations Banya! ^^)/


Hello Kanna and thank you for playing Emerald Wasp! 
Your comment made me really happy, thank you for your kind words ;\\\\; I'm glad you had fun playing it! 
The game is still very niche but I hope the same, so that more people can see it and play >\\\<



banya-san i hope you go straight to heaven for making those games for free,,, brasil loves you!!

o jogo foi muito uma nova experiencia pra mim, atingi 3 finais diferentes antes do verdadeiro fiquei realmente com medo, parabéns vou lembrar desse jogo por muito tempo. 

Hi Cherynuma! First of all, thank you so much for playing Emerald Wasp! 
Your comment and your kind words put a smile on my face, I'm so happy that you liked it! For the translation you don't have to thank me though, it's thank to Ashiri we have the PT-BR version... I love Brasil too and this is so good to hear T\\\T 
If you want to you can rate the game too, it'd help to make it more visible for other players too!


I'm here to report that I played it and I enjoyed it 🫡

It was a great game! I had fun exploring the map, reading the documents, and figuring out the puzzles. The way you incorporated the whole 'wasp' theme was very cool and I enjoyed the story (I used to be super into WW2, so that was an added flavor ^^) (oh, and I liked the boys' conversations, too! very cute and wholesome 🤭)

I somehow got to the true ending (after dying way too many times haha) and the flashbacks made me a little teary. 🥲 I won't go into spoilers, but blind devotion is one of my fave tropes and if it's mixed with a tragic fate, that's even better. I think the characters' stories are going to stay with me for a while. 🥲

As a side note, I'm in love with the art, it's so good??? Both the designs and the art style are so striking and full of character, just delightful 💕. (i especially love Béla's design, it makes me go a little feral because i love uniforms 🫠💕)

Also! I loved reading about all the references at the end of the game! It was super interesting and I'm impressed with how much thought you've put into the characters' names and the setting. ^^ (and judging by the walkthrough, there's still a chunk of stuff I haven't seen) It definitely made the search for medals worth the effort. 👌


Hi Hiro! I didn't expect this and it was such a nice surprise ;\\\\;
I apologize for the late reply, but it took me a while to compose myself again aha! Your comment made me very happy and it came at the right moment too, it made my day for real.

I wish I had the same clarity in writing English as I would have in my mothertongue to reply the way I wish to, but between knowing that you're a history enthusiast (like me) and that the story touched you and will stay with you even after the game ended I'm on cloud nine ;\\\\; and also I'm glad you liked the behind the scenes too! Sometimes I go and update them with more stuff through devlogs (here) or updates (in game). And yes, there are some secrets *ominous music* too but I think you'll catch up to them pretty soon x3

Thank you again, Hiro! ;\\\\;


Great work Banya-san!!

Thank you Violette ;\\\\; I'm glad you liked the game! 


I LUV THIS GAME but idk where to find medal 19 ASHAHAHAH

Hello Hae! Aww thank you, I'm glad you like it >\\\<
It's right before the Queen's Chamber when you exit the tunnels, it's the empty room with the solitary pile of rocks


I was confused with the number of the medals but u helped me to understand it T_T



Hi, Banya! I'd really like to play your game, but it appears I am unable to download (I used the windows version) and it is only downloading as a file to open in notebook, I was wondering if there is maybe something I am missing?

Hi NerdyPandall! I apologize for the late reply ;w;
What extention does the file have? I mean, it should be a .rar file, but since it suggests the notebook what is the file name? 
(I'm researching into this atm ;w; thank you for your patience!)

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{ Edit: I appreciate your hard work! I do apologize for the inconvenience!)

 This is how it downloads for me and I'm unsure as to why? Other things I download either download as a folder itself or just an individual .rar file?

Also going to post another picture as it wouldn't allow me to post two pictures at once!


Here is also how it shows up for me when I click to open the file, I may be missing something??


Another UPDATE!! I figured out the solution and I apologize, it is because I did not have Winrar installed and now I've got it up and running!


No need to apologize! You beat me by a minute, I was going to suggest either winrar or 7zip xD but if you have any other problems I'm here! I hope you'll like the game x3



Thank you!
(And also, we have in common that we like ArcadeKitten's games too)

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I had mixed feelings at first cause role-play games I have played had puzzles  which I am not good at ... but I am really glad I played it I loved it, makes me wanna play more role-play games So thank you so much. 

Hi Autumn! I'm the one who should be thanking you >\\\<
I'm glad you give my game a shot even if it wasn't your genre and knowing that you liked it makes me even happier!
There are lots of good RPGs on itchio, I think you'll enjoy them too!


Oh I love this game, thank you for making such a great game. In fact, I rarely play role-play games, but this game is really good, whether it is art or plot. But I hope it has a Chinese version. Thank you once again.


Hi Italian Lamp!
I should be the one to thank you instead, thank you for playing Emerald Wasp and for your kind words >\\\<
Should the game have a Chinese version in the future is it ok if I tag you or message you on this post to notify you?

PS: I noticed someone downvoting every recent comment lately, if you reply and see a downvote before I can reply it's not me ;__;"

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I loved this, but I have several things I'd like to say.

Art and story are fantastic, but the puzzles and movement really could use some reworking. I died multiple times trying to run from Bela simply because the movement was too janky, which was frustrating, and in the puzzles where you have to select certain things to progress (like the star one) took WAY longer than needed due to the fact it was extremely hard to move the select button right. 

Also, some of the medal locations were too hard ;; the one in the bee pit for example. The visibility is poor and the medal was shoved in a corner you can barely see, so if I didn't have the walkthrough I would have never found it. But even with the walkthrough, there's some medals really hard to find... I haven't unlocked the bonus room because I can't find the cocoon room. 

Anyway, aside from that stuff, I really found this amazing! The characters were interesting and fun, the dialogue as well, and I loved the hideout. I loved Leon's coolheaded nature and Archie's excitable one! I'm excited to see more dialogue options in future updates. 

The puzzles that didn't involve selection screens were all fun and not too easy or too hard. I also thought the lockpick sections were fun--usually when there's a character who can pick locks, they just automatically do it, so it was cool to actually be able to do it myself! Oh, and the educational bits from the books that tied into the story were great. It was important to the story but also taught me things I had never even heard of before. 

Overall, I think this was good; it needs reworking in some parts but aside from the stuff I listed that I had issues with, I have no other complaints! :]


Hi Aubrey! First of all, thank you for playing my game >\\\<
I'm really glad to see that you liked it even with the flaws it has in its current state!

I'm noting down your feedback and I agree, the things you listed definetly need some reworking.
I was already tweaking the star puzzle because it became one of the true horrors of the game x°° but I didn't think about the other selection one or the overworld problems, so having it written down is useful to me. I'll move the medals in the next update, as for the chase sequence I might take a little more but I'll find a solution (I think part of the problem is the narrow corridor at the start of the chase, it doesn't give you much room to run)

Do you have any suggestions for next dialogues in the hideout? What would you like to read as a conversation? 
I'm happy that you liked the hideout, the characters and even the library sections >\\\< I like to share the info I learn but outside of games I'm usually met with eyerolls lol. So knowing that someone found them interesting and appreciated them means a lot to me.
Thank you again for your comment >\\\< 

PS: lately there's someone downvoting every recent comment, in case you reply and see a downvote before I do it's not me ^^" 


I'm so happy you appreciated my feedback! I hesitated because I was worried I was going to come off as nitpicky and annoying but thankfully that wasn't the case. 

For hideout conversations, I have a question before--Leon says he's ace, does he mean he's both aromantic and asexual or is he just one of them? If he's both I'd suggest using the term "aroace"! Anyway, I don't really have convo topics at the moment because I haven't gotten to the bonus room yet and I'm not sure what goes on in there ;___; 


Sorry for the late reply! ;w; 
No, no, don't worry! Any feedback is appreciated, and also I know that to write them down you took time and you want the game to improve because you care (and as a dev this makes me happy)

I thought of him being just asexual, but you're right having a little specification would be better x3


I love this game puzzle! Leon is really good boy and Archie is a sunshine boy but I wonder why I got the 21 medals? and the bonus room does not come after the end credit why?


Hi Chiaki! First, thank you for playing and streaming my game ;\\\; I'll go watch the video asap!
As for the errors, you're probably running an older version of the game, I updated it to fix those specific errors. 
If you download it you can use the same save files before the 21st medal on it (if you need help ask me, I'm here for this) and they should work fine, otherwise I can give you my save for the bonus room! Let me know!

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Ok I can go bonus room and now I know where it shouldn't have the medal I download the game again but it still can get from that place behind the throne the real one should get is from the throne in your walkthrough however I can past  it now


After playing this game a few times, I decided to leave a silly comment. 

[A bit of spoilers, oops]

I've currently gotten all the endings, and it took me a good while to find the 20 medals, silly me didn't find at first one of the hidden rooms at the throne room (left side). And thank god I found it since there's very vital information there that, even if I knew it beforehand by some of the info I got while playing the game several times, it was nice to have it all in front of you to read, y'know? Besides I didn't know that cannibalism was implied too, I must have skipped something or it wasn't mentioned besides the info that can be found at that room.

I also admit that even with the walkthrough's help I struggled to figure out how to get the endings that implied making Archie's death counter high, but I ended up figuring it out after interacting with everything I could (I felt sorry for him, since I have a soft spot for him, but it was for the experience's shake. I feel like my morals start to fade every time I have to do harsh decisions in games for getting everything I can from it lol). I also noticed that his dialogue changes too when he's in that state, he seems to struggle to speak ig.

I also got recently the not wonderful cursed sprites experience, those realistic eyes are more terrifying than the soldier's red eye (not really tho, but it's giving "weirdcore" vibes, or at least the concept of it that has gotten popular). And that silly binary coded message you get with the achievement too (I feel sorry for Béla. He can only get that help with the true end. Or the good end, if we put the immoral thought of killing aside. But to be fair, is killing a "zombified" human still considered killing? I dunno but ig he may have found peace anyway so it's not thaaaaat bad).

The character designs are also lovely too! (All the game is actually damn pretty tho ngl, even the disturbing scenes. Art should be appreciated after all). I may even do fanart at some point if I'm feeling like it.

I'm also a bit curious about something, how old is Béla? Leon and Archie have their age displayed, and Leon's age can also be guessed with the years' difference that are displayed (Béla holding Leon as a baby in that one flashback is pretty adorable ngl). It's just a silly question so it's fine if he doesn't have a canon age.

And I'm gonna stop myself here, I don't wanna make this comment that damn long. But just a last comment (I promise).

Can't wait for the Spanish translation!

Hi Gabs! I have no idea why someone downvoted this, it wasn't me ;__; I've been staring at the comment for a while, not being able to type: it made me really happy to read it and no, it's not a problem it's long! Even if it was longer! And if you do fanarts I'd be honored, please tag me so I can see ;\\\\;

He doesn't have a canon age, but I envisioned him to be in his 20s at the time of the flashback, not younger just because his one it was a spec ops and he had to be more than a cadet. I didn't know the term Weirdcore before but I was googling it now and yes, I see what you mean! So far you're the second one to find the cursed room ever, it's not easy xD 

Maybe I should swap some medal locations, I see many players have difficulty with that... 
But aside from this, it makes me very happy that you liked the story and the characters ;\\\\; thank you again for playing and commenting, Gabs!


It looks so goooood but i dont have enough storage to download *sob*

Hi Willow! I have no idea why someone downvoted this!
Thank you for you interest though ;w; I know the file is heavy unfortunately... in case you can't play it but want to see it I can reccomend some gameplays


That was a lot of fun! The story was very interesting, I liked the symbolism of the beehive equaling soldiers 👀 

The character designs were really cool, I especially liked Béla's! I sadly couldn't get all of the achievements and medals, so I admit I watched the endings I was missing on a playthrough 🙈 (plus, I messed up a lot at the lock pick puzzles, poor Archie, I let him down 😂), but what I played was really cool. 

The mysteries were certainly very intriguing, I'm also glad the true ending is a happy one ☺️💕 even for THAT character, I certainly wasn't expecting that! 👀

Awesome work!


Hi Prikarin! Sorry for the late comment!
And, more importantly, thank you for your kind words! I'm glad that you liked the game and the idea it was built on >\\\< I know that the chances of that ending in real life would be abismal (though there are recordings of people surviving THAT) but after all I put the characters and the player through I felt it was right that way. Thank you again for playing Emerald Wasp ;\\\\;


how to do the lockpicks?


Hi Short-Term-Memory!
When you interact with the doors you can move one lockpick with UP & DOWN and the other one with RIGHT & LEFT.
If the second lockpick doesn't budge or creacks a lot it means it's the wrong spot and you need to move the other one. The less it vibrates or creaks, the closer you are to the solution. When you find the right position with the first lockpicker you will be able to slide the second one with no problems and the door will unlock. 
I hope it helps! (If not, I'll link you a gameplay with the timestamp on the lockpick minigame) 
Let me know >w<

thank you! I have it figured out now


can you man a tutorial on how to install it on pc T^T

Hi Obiii! :D
The game doesn't require installing, you just need to follow this steps:
1- download the rar
2- use winrar or 7zip to unzip the files (they're both free programmes)
3- open the folder, click on the file named game and it will run

oohhh oki oki, imma try. TTYYY


You're welcome! >w<
Let me know if you need any help after!


This is the first RPG horror I've played myself and I loved it! Not a single jumpscare got me but the pressure of the atmosphere was great. 

I've played it twice and gotten 19 medals but can't find the last one, the walkthough said it something about Cocoon but idk what room that is? is it the one behind the locked gates in the room with the pit?

Hi Yami! Thank you for playing Emerald Wasp >\\\< I'm really glad to hear that you liked the game and the atmosphere!

And yes, the cocoon room is the one with the honeycomb wall and the clones right behind the gate. It's accessible during this scene but not after, so you have to explore the room first and then talk to Béla:


I loved the game! The first one I got was the true ending:) really nice! Thank you banya! May I ask you a question? I cannot find how to decipher the codes (the long ones, I have 2 of the game and 1 of the bonus…) there is a page or a way to do so? Thank you so much

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Hi Berry! Oooh OI'm glad you liked the game, thank you for playing it >\\\<
Getting the true ending at the first run wasn't easy too! [edited to avoid spoilers]


thank you! You can edit the messenge! Thank you so much, I’m going to look for it :) also yeah, I didint believe myself when I got the true ending at the first run lmaoo, just lucky I guess! I look into the walkthrough to find other endings tho jsjsj 

You're welcome! Message edited, good luck with the mistery hunt >\\\< as a dev I'm really glad you went to look for the secrets!

your game was so good I couldn’t resist~ thank you so much. Also, my sister played your game Koi long time ago, she was really amazed knowing that you’re the same dev! (She tried to decipher the codes with me) tysmmm


Where do we get poisoned? I can't find it in the walkthrough and I want to get all the endings :)

Hi Gavinom!
You get poisoned at the end of the tunnel, just before reaching the Queen's chamber. In order to achieve that Archie must be doomed so make sure to do at least five points out of these:

1- be a jerk when he repairs the elevator (1 point)

2- poking a finger in the eye of the skeleton in the 'dining' room, the one on the floor (1 point)

3- pull the lever on the right in the infirmary, the one that makes stones fall on you (1 point)

4- when you inspect the bed frames in the infirmary, have Archie inspect the ones with the wasps (1 point for each bed, up to 4 points)

5- these are in the hideout: tell you like pineapple on pizza & "you don't get it" when speaking about friends and bullies  (2 points)


awesome, thank you! :)


i havent played this yet (going through a mother 3 phase) but im happy this is released now!! i followed you in anticipation for the game and i love old school rpg maker horror games and what lured me esp was the art. when i get around to playing it i'll leave a review!! mwah

Hi HeiTuzi! Aaaw thank you >\\\< I hope you'll like it! (Btw Mother 3 is a great game!)


This game was so so so fascinating!! I've always found bees, wasps and hornets to be interesting, so the idea of this experiment inspired by beehive hierarchies was incredible! Every time I found out something new about the story it was like I was a treasure hunter finding increasingly morbid treasure! :)


Hi Julian, thank you for playing Emerald Wasp >\\\<
That's exactly the experience I wanted the players to have, I'm glad I achieved it! And also I'm glad that you liked the idea at the basis of the game! (The world of insects is fascinating indeed even though from our viewpoint it could be also merciless and cruel)


Well, I just had the honor of meeting who I presume to be our Big Bad and I must say, I'm intrigued and creeped out.

Puzzles and paths are starting to become trickier as well, hmm.

I'm glad I'm making this series, and I look forward to finishing it as well. Seeing all the hard work you put it is really inspiring.


Hello Houssem! >w< 
I'm coming from the video, I liked it a lot, thank you for making it! 

I'm really glad you like it and find it interesting >\\\< I saw you breeze through the puzzles that most players struggled with, woah! (Still improving them though)

There are still more things for you to uncover eheh, I can't wait to see how you will move next!

(Btw I saw you're running the older version, I updated it recently because there is a bug that prevented the endings to function correctly)


Amazing game loved it 


Just commented on the video >\\\<
Thank you again for playing it, Blaze! And I'm happy that you liked it >\\\<

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I was wondering how did you find the last gem? and where can I find it?

Edited: Nevermind! I found it!


 how do solve the star puzzle ??? i been stuck on that for half an hour D:


Hi Louis! The solution of the puzzle is like this:
The selection with RIGHT and LEFT moves in groups of four stars, if you press UP or DOWN it changes the group you're moving in. I hope it helps!


Thanks <3


makes me really sad that i cant complete this because the lockpick part wont load lmao


Hi Cannedguttz!
I'm sorry this happened, this must be a bug ;__;
Does any text show up when you interact with the doors? Does the game freeze with a black screen instead?


actually there is, it says it cannot load the png and the locks me in that screen unless i close the game


You're playing it on Windows, right? 
I think it overrides the name of the files when you extract the RAR and then it can't find it anymore... I'm looking for a solution, thank you for your patience ;w;


Just finished the game twice a while ago and it was really good!

It's the first RPG horror game i've played and it sent chills down my spine

I really like the artstyle, story and the characters especially Archie, he made me feel a safer going through the game

I've also found a bug maybe, it happens when you use the lighter in lit rooms, everything would go dark except the place where you used the lighter and the light wouldn't follow the player

I accidentally found this because a room felt a bit dark and i thought the lighter would help brighten it up, i got so scared when this happened

Anyways hope you keep up the good work Banya!


Hi Cawwie! Thank you for playing Emerald Wasp, I'm really glad to hear that you liked it >\\\< 
If it was chilling then I did a good job for a horror RPG! And also if my game introduced you to the genre I'm honored, there are lots of good titles out there! 

PS I'm on my way to fix that bug, but I still haven't found a way, but I could trigger it! Thank you for notifying me ;w;


hi banya! It´s so nice to have another game of you, amazing work as always! I really liked all the characters and all the information that is in the game. 

I just have one problem :(, it is when the guy drops the gem in the well, I try to get it but no matter how hard I smash i get the picture of leon all covered in bees. :( I would like to know if i´m doing it wrong. Anyways, take care banya! 


Hello and thank you >\\\<
Mmh probably it's just that the screen delays, 1 time out of 3 it happens to me too, keep smashing UP until the music stops, it should after a while even though you don't hear the punching sound!
But if it persist tell me (I have a backup file after that)


Hi Banya! I tried again but unfortunately it persisted, i'm still not able to pass that part.


I'm sorry this happened ;__; I'm trying to figure out what causes it but I can't replicate the error yet. I know it's not the ideal solution but if you want to I can send you a save file from after that part, is that ok? (In that case, do you remember which achievements did you have \ how many medals?)


Just finished it and I really enjoyed it! :)
There wasn't anything annoying and the lock picking was fun, too! Interesting story & awesome characters - Archie is a cutie! ♥ The art and overal design is really nice, I loved it!
Sure, there were times when I got stuck and had to reload/restart, but that's because of my own single brain cell trying its best after a stressful day :D 


The textbooks give me the shivers, great game so far Banya! ^o^ (Part 2 will have two wasps on the thumbnail)


I am still working my way through it, but so far I really love it! So much information on a variety of topics is fantastic and intriguing. Archie is such a fun character (his Surgern line cracks me up). I don't want to drop any spoilers so I will just say it was so worth waiting for this game and I recommend everyone to jump in and unravel the mysteries in store~ Now I am off to finish the game XD

Hm, looks like the mystery to solve this time goes beyond an ominous mansion belonging to a rich bastard, and I love it.

Dynamic between Leon (aka me) and Archie is great, and the research put in is astonishing. I was so happy to see a new game by you and I look forward to playing it to the end.

Something tells me this is gonna be a buzzing experience. (I'm not sorry).


How can I not BEE appreciative of the title? x°°
I'm so happy to hear that you're enjoying the game so far! Especially for the characters >\\\<
I'm also glad you liked the research part >\\\< thank you so much for recording the game, Houssem! I'll be waiting for part 2!




I've been looking forward to this for so long! i look forward to playing it :D


Thank you Mihavi >\\\< I hope you'll like the game!